Arctic King Portable Air Conditioner Troubleshooting and Resetting Guides

An inefficient or malfunctioning portable AC can raise serious concerns when the heat is rising during the summer months. The problem may cause you to feel uncomfortable during a hot and humid environment, but moreover, it can cause your electricity bill to jump up.

If you own a portable Arctic King AC and are currently dealing with some issues, check a guide to Arctic King portable air conditioner troubleshooting in the following.

Arctic King Portable Air Conditioner Error Codes

To achieve a comfortable home or office space, especially during summer, it’s essential to have a properly working AC system. Even a minor malfunction may cause you to suffer in the heat and result in an unbearable condition. This is a situation that you won’t want to end up in.

arctic king portable air conditioner troubleshooting

Luckily, not every single malfunction means a ruined AC system. There are problems that require you to contact a professional for help, but plenty of issues can be resolved by your own hand. So, consider again before you call a technician and spend some money where you can save them.

Simple fixes to a portable AC unit usually are possible when you know what causes it. Often, the unit will flash an error code to let you know which area of the system has gone wrong. If your Arctic King AC displays a fault code, turn off the appliance instantly, then determine what the code means.

Here are some examples of Arctic King portable AC error codes:

  • E1: Error related to a room temperature sensor.
  • E2: Error related to an evaporator temperature sensor.
  • E3: Error related to condenser temperature sensor error (for some models).
  • E4: Error related to an LED display panel.

P1: Sign that the bottom tray is full and water needs to be drained from the unit.

As mentioned above, you need to switch the unit off as soon as it displays an error code and then check for any instructions on what to do to fix it. Usually, it will require you to restart the equipment. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try to plug the connection off and contact a qualified person to help you resolve it.

The easiest and most practical way to discover the meaning of a specific error code is by searching for it in the manufacturer’s manual. If you don’t have the manual book with you, you may be able to find it on the official Arctic King website.

Arctic King Portable Air Conditioner Reset Button

A surefire way for most problems regarding an air conditioning unit—from blown warm air or failure to make the room temperature cool down—is by resetting the unit. A portable air conditioning unit usually features a reset button.

Arctic King portable AC units usually have their reset button near the power cord. Follow the guide below to reset the machine:

  1. Press the reset button for about 5 seconds.
  2. Wait approximately 10 minutes for the unit to complete the resetting procedure.
  3. Turn on the unit again and see if it works properly.

If this method fails, you can try to reset the circuit breaker instead. See if after the resetting procedure has been completed, the unit makes any strange noise that can indicate further malfunctioning problems of any of its components.

Most times, Arctic King portable air conditioner troubleshooting is something that the owners themselves can perform. Resetting the unit, in particular, is an easy and quick solution for various problems. However, determine if the unit requires to be fixed by a professional when the issue it’s suffered from can’t be handled by yourself.

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