How to Solve GE Air Conditioner Filter Reset Problems

GE Air Conditioner comes with a filter cleaning reminder that appears in LED light and beeping sound. You have to be faithful to clean the filter once every two weeks to avoid any problems. If you’re not, you will be close to the GE air conditioner filter reset routine.

GE Air Conditioner Filter Reset

After a long summer day, the most unwanted thing you want to see is your GE air conditioner filter reset in problems. You want to sit back and enjoy the cooling experience inside your room, but you’re annoyed by the filter light that keeps beeping or flashing.

You expect the most wonderful yet chill day. Didn’t you?

Unfortunately, the beeping sound and LED light came from the filter reminder. When it keeps on beeping, chances are you have not cleaned the filter for 30 days.

Yes, you heard it right. We’re not here to judge you, but the statement above is true. Can you imagine how gross your filter looks like?

Ah, we know exactly how it feels. So, before you get even bothered, read on to find the solutions for your GE air conditioner issues.

GE Air Conditioner Filter Light Won’t Turn Off

Generally speaking, the GE air conditioner provides you with a filter reset LED that will automatically turn on every time the fan has piled up 250 hours of operating time. This light is made to remind you that the filter is dirty. You only need to push the filter reset to turn off the LED, and the system will reset the running time collected.

If the light won’t turn off after you click the reset filter, it only means that this is the time to clean your filter. The layers of dirt in your tank were too much, so the light wouldn’t be turned off. Use a spray bottle with a cleaner solution and spray to the filter.

ge air conditioner filter reset

If the following solution doesn’t work, you may call a GE air conditioner filter cleaning technician. Also, you can try to press the GE air conditioner reset button once again to make the system run back to its default with zero operating time.

If the light remains on after you press the reset button, it’s a clear indication to clean your filter. This is particularly important for window room air conditioners, where the filter can accumulate significant dirt and dust.

How to Reset Filter on GE Air Conditioner

The clean filter reminder will always appear especially if you don’t stick to the cleaning routine. Yes, there are no shortcuts to make the reminder disappear.

In short, you need to remember that’s how the system is made. Even though it feels annoying, when you think back, this is a good solution to maintain your air conditioning unit for a longer lifespan.

To reset the accumulated run time turn off the LED and reset light, follow these steps. This process is essential to ensure your air conditioner operates efficiently.

Step 1: Find the reset button

First things first, find the reset button close to the power cord. Then press the button firmly for around 3 to 5 seconds.

Once the LED light is off, let the system to work back to the default operation.

Step 2: Turn the unit back on

After that, you can turn your air conditioning unit on, and the LED light will stay off. Now, your GE air conditioner is back to zero running time and ready to be used.

A quick tip: Turn off the filter reminder

If you feel the filter reminder is annoying, you can disable the alert.

Here are the following steps to turn it off:

  1. Wait until the fan accumulates the running time to 250 hours.
  2. Look for the auxiliary controls behind the case and switch the “always enabled” setting mode to the “unable” mode (left).

GE air conditioner comes with a filter reminder to keep you stick to the cleaning routine. As it should be, the unit needs to be cleaned to avoid dust or even mold being inhaled inside your lungs.

For those with window room air conditioners, it’s crucial to regularly check and reset the filter pad to maintain optimal performance. This simple step can significantly impact the overall cooling efficiency of your unit.

When you decide to own an air conditioning unit, you have to deal with what it takes. That also includes cleaning and other maintenance. When it’s not done, you are the one who will take the consequences. It can either be more expensive due to the repairs or to the health risks.

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