Can Air Conditioning Give You A Cold?

Can Air Conditioning Give You A Cold?

Commonly, you will catch a cold by air conditioning unit. Yes, almost all people believe this statement as the air conditioner gives cold temperature to the room. But the question is, can air conditioning give you a cold?

An air conditioner can make you sick, but it all relies on how you maintain your unit as well as your body. The cold air they blow is not the reason behind your sickness. However, an AC unit makes your indoor room a bit dryer to lower the humidity levels inside your house.

Why is Air Conditioning Can Give You A Cold?

In this case, the hydration inside your body will be on a lower level, too if you don’t maintain them by drinking water. This dryness will decrease your body’s power to encounter viruses and bacteria in the airspace.

Another explanation is that you will get sick if you’re not faithful to the cleaning routine for your unit. To put it simply, an air conditioner can get dirty and dirtier because it filters the air outside. However, the air may contain pollutants and get piled up after weeks of usage.

Besides that, the condenser coil collects the moisture that is absorbed by the air conditioning unit. That way, mold can grow when the layers of dirt meet the high moisture environment. It becomes harmful if you breathe this type of air.

can air conditioning give you a cold

Air Conditioning Sickness Symptoms

Now you know that we give you a hint already, can air conditioning give you a cold?

Yes, it could. But how can you spot them? What are the symptoms? Keep on reading as we try to give you the information.


Speaking of sickness symptoms caused by an air conditioner, you may find yourself catching a flu-like symptom. Hence, if your body is exposed to the AC unit for a long time, you will get fatigue and headaches.

Coughing and Sneezing

It may seem paltry, but coughing and sneezing could come from the air conditioning unit you own in your house. This symptom is caused by the bacteria that is gathered around the dust.

Even worse, if the dust is thick already, it creates the perfect environment for molds to grow. Therefore, you will find yourself coughing and sneezing wherever you’re indoors with the air conditioning unit on.

However, you have to pay attention and suspect something when you start to feel the constant coughing and sneezing. Significantly when these symptoms last even longer, chances are the unit needs to be cleaned and technician checkups as there could be molds growing inside.

Dry Skin and Eyes

Next up, the dry air inside your room could make your skin dry and flaky, as well as dry and irritated eyes. That said, when your room uses an AC unit, you have to maintain the hydration inside your body. If you didn’t give enough water to your body, you would feel a little dizzy.

Blood Pressure Increases

Last but not least, the low humidity levels inside your house affects your blood pressure. When your body loses its heat, the small arteries will defend you from getting cold by increasing blood pressure.

If this happens for a long time, you will become the person with low tolerance when you’re outdoors. You will feel uncomfortable wherever you’re not in a room that doesn’t have an air conditioning unit.

To prevent being this person even though you spend most time indoors, we suggest you walk outside for better circulation inside your body. You can also try another alternative by turning the temperatures up every few hours. We also recommend not to use the air conditioner when the heat is still tolerant.

To put an end to this article, you might think, can air conditioning give you a cold? Is it safe to use?

Well, the air conditioning unit is not bad for your health. However, you need to pay attention to maintenance and cleanliness to prevent any harmful particles. So, as long as you keep the unit and your room clean, you won’t find yourself catching a cold from the daily usage of an air conditioner inside your house.

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