How to Fix Window Air Conditioner Compressor Noise

Do you ever get annoyed by hearing a ton of strange buzzing noise?

The noise keeps distracting you from your sleep and favorite TV show on a chill day. The sound came from the window air conditioner compressor noise when you check them.

Window Air Conditioner Compressor Buzzing Noise

Unfortunately, that must indicate that something went wrong inside the system. Yes, you heard it. The air conditioner unit you own is probably in trouble. It’s known that almost all air conditioning units these days are built to be quiet. Thus, if you hear the air conditioner kicking noise, you should be more careful.

Especially when it comes to a window air conditioner, it’s supposed to provide you with a cooling experience in a small area. Unlike any central air conditioning unit placed outside your house, the window air conditioner will be partially located inside, such as in the living room. So, the manufacturer will make any noises it produces to be more silent.

However, the air conditioner’s compressor noise depends on the model and type. Each model was built in a different operation based on the existing technology every year. With that being said, the solutions and the air conditioner loud noises can vary.

If you’re one of those suffering from an air conditioner making noise, you should note that different types of noises determine other issues that might be causing the noises.

Even so, you can still try to take action to eliminate those annoying sounds. If you have a unit making too much noise, you will find this article helpful.

Read on as we explain how to fix your window air conditioner compressor noise.

How to Quiet a Noisy Window Air Conditioner

As your window air conditioner keeps being noisy, you might want to check the list we have concluded below:

window air conditioner compressor noise

  1. The Installation Was Done Incorrectly

We get it, a window air conditioner can be installed by yourself easily. However, if you didn’t follow the manual guidance right, chances are there would be something wrong during the installation.

We suggest you rewind on how your unit is installed. Then, check back the window frame and push each part to test. Sometimes, this strange buzzing noise can be caused by some loose components.

If you see any losses or clashes in part of your unit, try repositioning them. You can move them an inch apart or even go a step further by trying to reinforce them.

  1. Loose Parts in The Fan Blades

When your window air conditioner makes noises, you should suspect the fan blades. There could be a slouchy part inside the unit’s fan, which makes odd objects get attached inside the fan.

If you feel like that is not the case, you may want to dust off any dirt inside the noisy fan blades. Then, pay attention to any differences after you dust them.

  1. Lacks of Oil in The Motor

If your window air conditioner has been aging with you, you might want to check the motor. You can see if this old motor still has enough power to run the cooling system. If you see something odd, you can give the motor a few drops of oil to run smoothly.

To conclude, the buzzing noises from the window air conditioner depending on which model or type you own. Commonly, it comes from low maintenance, or maybe some models have been running for ages. The old ones usually have gotten dry and need oil.

As explained above, the window air conditioner compressor buzzing noise might also come from loose parts or components. Though the solutions for the issue may vary, you might want to try one of those steps above to give your unit first aid.

If any hacks still don’t work, we suggest you call professional AC technicians for help. When the homeowner notices that the air conditioner running in the window unit is not working properly, they can be called a technician and if upon inspection found that the rubber isolation feet have worn out and there was a refrigerant leak in the evaporator coils. The technician usually replaced the isolation feet, fixed the refrigerant leak, and checked the fan motor and condenser coils to ensure the window AC unit was running efficiently and the problem was resolved

Still, the window air conditioner is an ideal solution for your small area and has fewer energy bills. All in all, we hope this article is helpful for you.

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