These are LG Air Conditioner Remote Symbols Meaning

When it comes to buying an air conditioner, one of the most difficult issues most customers have is understanding the air conditioner remote control symbols. This is due to the fact that different air conditioner manufacturers may employ distinct ac modes, each with its own symbol.

We will try to explain the significance of each LG air conditioner remote symbols meaning in this article, as well as provide some recommendations on the manual.

lg air conditioner remote symbols meaning

LG Air Conditioner Remote Control Symbols Meaning

To help you understand easier, we will put it in a table on what each LG air conditioner remote control symbols meaning.

Symbols Meaning
  fan ac lgIt’s the symbol for a fan. You can adjust the fan speed with the fan speed button, and the unit will follow your instructions.
  fan-lg-remoteIt is the air swing movement symbol. You have the option of choosing the air flow direction or letting it run automatically.
  cooling-lg-remoteThis is a symbol for a cooling operation. The LG air conditioner’s cold mode is turned on. If you want to use it, you must first open the remote controller’s door. It’s used to reduce the temperature below the ambient temperature. The temperature can be adjusted in 1°C increments between 18°C and 30°C.
 dehumidificationThis is a symbol that represents the start of a healthy dehumidification process. Based on the measured current room temperature, it will automatically set the room temperature and airflow volume to the ideal conditions for dehumidification.

The airflow volume is automatically regulated according to the optimization algorithm reacting to the current room temperature status during the healthy dehumidification function, ensuring that the room condition remains healthy and comfortable even during the most humid season.
 heatingThis is a symbol for a heating operation. This mode is only available on heat pump AC models. It’s used to raise the temperature above the ambient temperature. The temperature can be adjusted in 1°C increments between 16°C and 30°C.
  Picture1This is a symbol for sleep mode. When in cold mode, the selected temperature will automatically climb 1°C every 30 minutes to a maximum of 2°C to promote a restful night’s sleep. For a peaceful sleep, the Sleep Mode will be set to a low fan speed (cooling) or a medium fan speed (heat pump only).
  cleaning functioningThis is a symbol of automatic cleaning functioning. If it is shown in your remote control it means that cleaning function for the internal unit. When the unit is turned off after it has been activated, it will continue to run in ventilation mode for 30 minutes in order to dry the machine.
 high-power functionThis is a symbol of high-power function. It can be used to quickly chill a space in the heat. High-capacity function Once it is set, the unit will run at maximum capacity in order to attain the desired temperature as quickly as possible. Duration: 30 minutes
  plasma ionizerThis symbol indicates that the plasma ionizer is activated. LG created a plasma filter to remove minute pollutants from the intake air by generating a plasma of high charge electrons. This plasma totally eliminates and destroys the pollutants, resulting in clean and sanitary air.
  ambient temperatureThis is a representation of the ambient temperature. We can get a reading of the current ambient temperature by pushing this button.
  internal fan speedThis is a symbol of internal fan speed. The more bar showed, the higher speed of the internal fan spins.

LG Air Conditioner Remote Control Codes

If you’ve misplaced your AC control, you’ll need to know the codes. Here is a list of universal remote codes in case you have an air conditioner that employs a remote control. As a result, you’ll be able to get a universal AC remote.

The codes that are compatible with LG air conditioners are 0197-020, 0504-0514, 0567, 0572, 0710, 1016, 1026 and 733.

Understanding the meaning of LG air conditioner remote symbols meaning is critical for LG air conditioner users to get the most out of their units.

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You need to know what each symbol indicates to get the most out of your machine. If the air conditioning installation did not explain most of the usual symbols, you should study the user manual handbook and conduct further research.

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