An Expert Guide on How To Clean AC Blower Wheel Without Removing It

The air conditioner’s blower, which supplies the unit with vital air movement to keep it functioning, is one of its most crucial parts, then you might wonder how to clean AC blower wheel without removing it.

An air conditioner uses blowers to move clean, warm air from any location and replace it with cold air. Additionally, it increases airflow for better device features and circulation. Contrary to widespread assumption, however, an AC blower is available in various shapes and sizes, each dependent on the actual AC unit. The axial vane fan, the axial tube fan, and the propeller fan are the four most popular centrifugal fans.

how to clean ac blower wheel without removing

What Is An AC Blower Fan?

The AC blower wheel cleaning fan or blower is one of the most crucial actions for an air conditioning system. The cooling/conditioning region is given air circulation thanks to the air conditioner fan. It results in a cooling impact and fresh air in our residences and workplaces.

In AC equipment, fans are commonly used as follows:

  1. The tube-axial fan.
  2. Vane-axial.
  3. Centrifugal fan.
  4. The propeller fan.

For safety reasons, the fan is housed inside the air conditioner. It stops people from interacting with it and harming it. Additionally, it stops germs and fungus from growing in the fan and obstructing it.

How To Clean AC Blower Wheel Without Removing?

It’s essential to meticulously maintain and clean your air conditioner’s blower, along with all other components of the system. Routine cleaning of the air conditioner system and its parts is a component of care and maintenance. Here are some short instructions on how to clean the Air Conditioner blower wheel without removing it:

  • Before you start, ensure that you remove the blower cover to gain full access to the blower wheel. This will allow you to thoroughly clean it without the need for complete removal.
  • Step one – Begin by applying a gentle cleaning solution to the washable filters. This solution will help break down any accumulated grime from the blower.
  • Step two – To access the impeller, remove the air vanes and flap from the air conditioner.
  • Step three – Use a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to gently remove dust and debris from the impeller. This attachment is specifically designed to clean delicate areas without causing damage.
  • Step four – After vacuuming, use a soft cloth to wipe away any remaining dirt or grime from the blower wheel. This ensures that even the smallest particles are removed.
  • Step Five – Use a specialized blower wheel cleaning tool, like a handy sweeper or vacuum cleaner, to remove any debris that emerges after turning on the air conditioner.

After completing these steps, it’s crucial to regularly inspect and maintain the blower wheel to prevent future buildup of dust and debris. Regular maintenance not only ensures efficient operation but also prolongs the life of your air conditioning unit.

Dirty Blower Wheel Symptoms

  1. Vent airflow is little or absent. Limited air vent airflow is a standard indicator of a faulty blower motor. There won’t be any airflow if the blower motor is damaged.
  2. The blower is making strange noises. Depending on the problem, a clean blower wheel without removing motors can generate a variety of noises. When a blower is malfunctioning, it may generate noises like vibrations, grinding, and high-pitched noises.
  3. The circuit breaker frequently trips. For example, a seized-up blower motor will undoubtedly trigger a circuit breaker. (Check the circuit breaker first; a faulty capacitor will trip it.)
  4. Burning or burning odor coming from the air vents. A defective blower motor can sometimes overheat, giving off a “hot” odor through your air vents. Your blower motor can potentially start to burn in the worst-case conditions. Yikes!

Wrapping Up

At least once a year, the blower wheel and ductwork should both be cleaned. This is because the air around your home affects your health. After cleaning, the blower motor, grills, ductwork, and duct system should be sanitized.

Now that you know how to clean the AC blower wheel without removing it, don’t hesitate to contact an expert if you require further assistance.

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