Goodman AC Unit Capacitor and What You Should Know About It

Understanding the function of the Goodman AC unit capacitor can help you better understand your unit. You don’t have to be an AC expert to be able to operate the unit. Having the basic knowledge can give you a better sense of identifying issues.

When you suspect something is wrong, you can act fast and accordingly, preventing your unit from experiencing more serious damage.

Goodman AC Unit Capacitor Troubleshooting

Whereas most AC owners know more about air filters and condensers, the capacitor is often neglected. A capacitor is a cylindrical part (electric type) that keeps the charge for AC’s usage.

The part is responsible for stabilizing the voltage and starting the (AC) motors in a well-ordered manner. It’s responsible for keeping the electricity temporarily.

goodman ac unit capacitor

That’s why a defective and damaged capacitor will affect the performance of the AC. If this continues and you don’t replace the capacitor, the AC may stop working for good. This is another reason you should know how to troubleshoot the system.

Signs of Bad Capacitor

The obvious sign that you have a bad capacitor is when the AC doesn’t provide any cooling effect anymore. Another sign is the humming sound because a defective capacitor will produce a loud hum when it tries its best to function normally.

Another common sign is when the AC unit shuts off suddenly (you don’t turn it off) without any reason. You may want to wait until it automatically turns on again. But if it’s not, you should consider servicing it.

How to Check the Capacitor

If you want to check the Goodman AC unit capacitor, you need a multimeter to perform the check correctly. What to do when you already have one?

  • Disconnect the AC from the electric power.
  • You must find the capacitor with two terminals (or pins connecting to the unit). They will still have power. If you want to discharge the power, use a screwdriver to short them.
  • Pull the wires being connected to the capacitor. Place the probe of the multimeter on the terminal points and check the display’s meter reading. It should be at least within 6%. If it’s lower, then your capacitor needs replacement.
  • If you use an analog, the reading is probably different. You must set it off to the highest point (of the resistance setting) before placing the probe on the component. The resistance of the capacitor should start at around 0 and go to the maximum level. But if the reading is somewhat static, then there is something wrong with the capacitor. You need to replace it.

Another obvious sign that you need to replace the capacitor is if you see any leaks, whether oily bulges or liquid or if it looks bigger than the normal one.

Goodman AC Capacitor Replacement Cost

The parts may cost you between $10 and $20, but the replacement cost may be higher. You may have to be ready with $300 to $500.

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Although some people say you can always replace the capacitor on your own (so you won’t have to hire a costly repair service), this isn’t advisable if you are completely clueless about it. If you have never opened an AC unit, it’s better to spend money on a professional service rather than risk your unit.

If you suspect something is wrong with your unit, don’t just sit and do nothing. The best thing to do is to ask help from an expert about Goodman AC unit capacitors and do something about it.

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