How Much Does Replace an Air Conditioner Capacitor Cost?

Wondering how much does an air conditioner capacitor cost? Good thing you are here. In this article, you will find information about the price of replacing your AC capacitor, including what aspects may influence it to be higher or even lower. You will also discover how many years your AC capacitor should last.

How Much Does a Fan Capacitor Cost?

When it comes to the capacitor, the price varies depending on the specification. Typically, your AC/fan capacitor will price around $9 – $45. This is the price of the AC capacitor as the standalone part—professional service is not included.

air conditioner capacitor cost

While you choose to hire someone to do the work, the price (of course) increases to around $60 – $200. This is a professional service only; the unit price isn’t included. Luckily, the price ($60-$200) covers not only the professional fee but also the tools, transportation, and union payment. It can even go up to $400 to replace your AC capacitor with the help of a professional.  

Indeed, it is a lot of money to pay. If you don’t like to spend a lot of money to replace a mere capacitor, you better replace it yourself. The price to replace the capacitor all by yourself is around $60-$100, quite half of the price you need to pay someone to replace the capacitor.

However, you should remember that this price can even go lower if the tools required are already ready.

The tools required will be as follows:

  • Insulated screwdriver, which costs around 15 bucks
  • Safety glasses, priced around $10
  • Nut driver, may come as cheap as $5
  • Safety gloves for electricians, for around $20.

Remind you that the other expense you may need to pay is to do the work itself. It includes your time to check the AC systems, preparation time, and the work itself to describe it more.

Consider calling a professional to do the work, especially if you are not skilled enough to do the job. Working on it yourself to reduce the price of replacing the air conditioner capacitor is not recommended as you may end up ruining the AC.

Symptoms You Need to Replace Your AC Capacitor

It is not easy to diagnose this problem occurring in the AC capacitor. However, you have some tell-tale indicators which are mentioned as failing AC capacitor symptoms:

  • Your AC requires more time to start after you turn the AC on.
  • There are some audible clicking noises on AC unit, which are also disturbing.
  • Your AC isn’t blowing cool air
  • High bills on energy

The life expectancy of an air conditioner capacitor is pretty long, though, which can be around 20 years. However, it has a few factors that contribute to its premature failure. These factors will include:

  • The unmatching voltage rating
  • Frequent heat exposure
  • Extensive use without occasional resting, and many more

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So, if you want to avoid paying a lot of bucks for replacing the failing capacitor, better keep the unit nice by not doing what causes it to fail, right? You can save your money and allocate the bucks you pay to cover the air conditioner capacitor cost.

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