What Temperature to Set Air Conditioner in Winter?

Keeping warm in the middle of winter could be a difficult task. But if you have an air conditioner with a reverse cycle function, this task will be no problem. After purchasing one, you might ask yourself “what temperature to set Air Conditioner in winter?” or why is it so important to find the perfect temperature?. If so, then you can scroll through this article to find the answer.

What Temperature to Set Air Conditioner in Winter?

A good temperature for AC in winter should also be efficient in energy. Many experts believe that to answer the question of ‘what temperature to set the AC in the winter season’ is 18-20°C. It is efficient and can also be set throughout the year.

what temperature to set air conditioner in winter

To be clear, the ideal temperature is different for each person. A slightly warmer temperature should be ideal for a place that houses babies or the elderly. Or for a person who used to live in a tropical environment, it is nice to set the thermostat to 22–24°C.

Moreover, you need to discuss with other people in the house what temperature to set Air Conditioner in winter. Therefore, living in the same house would be more enjoyable together.

Why is it Important to Find the Perfect Temperature?

It is essential to set the best temperature for ac during winter, especially in terms of health. Some studies show the environment has an impact on one’s well-being. A suitable temperature is one of many things that can affect the body and mind. Here are the reasons:

  • Setting the thermostat in the room too low can affect the body’s vulnerability to viruses. That is because it can cause the mucous membrane to become irritated. Therefore, it becomes more sensitive to colds and viruses.
  • Room temperature affects sleep pattern. It will be hard to fall asleep in a room that is too hot or too cold. This could make the body feel tired the next morning.
  • A room that is too humid can affect your breathing. This is caused by the fungus, molds, and even dust mites because the air quality is not balanced.
  • A room that is too hot can cause heart attacks or strokes for the elderly. This is based on the knowledge that an overheated night can be a big issue for older generations.

How to Use Air Conditioner Efficiently in Winter

To use the air conditioner efficiently in winter, you could use these tricks. It is simple but effective. Here are they:

  • Make sure to close all doors, windows, and curtains to keep the heat in the room. Therefore, there will be no heat loss, and heating of the room can be done effectively.
  • Turn off the air conditioner when you are not at home. It will prevent energy loss, and the air conditioner will be more functional in the future.
  • Keep the air circulation clean. You can schedule a cleaning every month. So the air conditioner could run smoothly. Especially in times of need like winter.
  • Keep it in good condition. You can serve it to keep it running for years.


It is not difficult to find a cozy place in a room with a warm and perfect temperature for your body. It is an obligation for your body to find the right ideal temperature.

So that everyone living in your house can be comfortable and avoid illness caused by winter coldness. Now, can you answer the question of what temperature to set the Air Conditioner in winter? perfectly.

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