Common Causes for Air Conditioner Fans Not Spinning

The click and buzz of an air conditioner coming on isn’t the most pleasant sound, but it’s a blessed relief on a sweltering day. It’s the sound of relaxation and release from the often excruciating sun in countries famed for their year-round warm weather.

As a result, having a running AC fan is an important aspect of having a comfortable home. If your air conditioner fan is not spinning, the system will not be able to chill your home until it is repaired.

Causes of Air Conditioning Unit Fan Not Spinning

There could be various reasons why your AC indoor fan isn’t operating. The first common cause is the power, the switch, or the breaker to the indoor unit or is off. Breakers are located on the air handler itself in some indoor units (Heat Pumps).

Check the main breaker panel as well. A shutdown switch on the side of the unit or an Emergency Switch on the wall are available on some units.

Secondly, clogged air filters. You better double-check that your air filter isn’t clogged. That is sometimes the sole issue. Some clients are unaware that they have an air filter and have never had it checked. Set the thermostat fan switch to “on” to see if it helps. Check the vents for air coming out.

Causes of Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit Fan not spinning

The fan in the condenser unit of your air conditioner (the big box outside) blows air across the coils, allowing it to convert warm refrigerant gas into a cool liquid, which it then utilizes to chill your home. If your outdoor AC fan fails to spin, there may be a problem.

air conditioning fan not spinning

Your Air Conditioner’s Motor has Damaged

The condenser fan motor on your air conditioner is responsible for turning the fan blades and blowing outside air across the AC condenser coils. This process turns a heated refrigerant gas into a cool liquid, allowing your home to be cooled.

When your AC unit’s fan stops spinning, it’s usually due to a broken motor, which should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible because it will damage the overall function of your system.

The Fan Blades on Your Air Conditioner are Broken

Damaged fan blades could be another reason your AC fan isn’t operating. The fan blades are usually visible via the outside unit’s vents. We recommend turning off your system until a competent HVAC technician inspects and repairs it if any of the blades appear bent, fractured, loose, or otherwise damaged.

The Bearing of The Motor is Full of Dirt

The motor’s bearings may need to be cleaned. When sludge clogs the fan’s workings, it becomes stuck or slows down. This puts strain on the motor, which may cause it to burn out. If you must clean the motor bearings, do so gently to avoid damaging the unit’s internal workings.

Loose or Broken Belt

A broken or loose belt might potentially prevent a fan from spinning. Most modern units do not have fan belts, thus this is mostly an issue with older equipment. It might be time to invest in a new air conditioner. If you elect to replace the belts, replacements are available at most home improvement stores. To get the exact specs for the belt you require, consult your unit’s manual.

Tripped Unit’s Breaker

If the compressor isn’t making any noise and the fan isn’t turning, it’s possible that the unit isn’t getting power and your AC fan isn’t working. First, look for the obvious. Is the unit’s breaker tripped?

If this is the case, turn off the unit and reset the breaker using the thermostat. Then, at the thermostat, turn the unit back on to check whether the problem is resolved.

You’ve Got a Faulty Capacitor

The capacitor is a small, cylindrical element that supplies energy to the motor of your AC machine. It’s in charge of turning on the air conditioner and providing extra electricity as needed to keep it operating. Other than your air conditioner fan is not spinning, one of the signs that you have a bad capacitor is your AC humming.

A screwdriver or a tiny stick can be used to test the capacitor. Gently slide the stick between the vents and gently press the fan blade. The capacitor is bad if the fan starts up and continues to spin on its own.

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