How to Fix a Stuck Relay on AC Unit with an Easy Way

As an electronic device, the AC sometimes gives you some problems. One of them is a stuck relay in your air conditioner. You need to know how to fix a stuck relay on AC unit. Why do you have to know it? Because this problem will affect your AC’s functions and make them unable to perform well.

How to Fix a Stuck Relay on AC Unit Step by Step

This guide is your solution to fix a stuck relay on an AC unit, particularly for those who have ac systems with an ac fan or ac compressor that won’t turn on.

A stuck relay problem on an AC unit is very common. You can call a technician, but it will be better if you can fix it yourself. There is one easy solution for you to try by knocking the relay a couple of times. Also, you can try to clean the dirt or dust on the relay.

But please note that there are conditions that those solutions can’t fix. There is no option; you have to replace the stuck relay. Here are the easy steps on how to fix a stuck relay on an air conditioner unit:

how to fix a stuck relay on ac unit

  • Choose the Right Relay

First of all, you need to buy the right relay for replacement. Please check carefully if the relay was matched or not. Make sure all of the aspects match well. Start from the shape, design, and, of course, the electrical specification.

  • Turn Off the Power

Before you replace the relay in the AC unit, you have to turn off the power. Also, you can disconnect the switch if you need to. If you don’t disconnect the power, it will harm you because relays are a component that will transfer electricity.

  • Watch the Terminal ID

It’s very important for you to find out which one is the terminal ID. Keep track of that terminal ID, so it will make it easier to replace the relay. You will see some wires there. Please tape all of them to make it easier. The next step is to draw the relay with the terminals. Please make sure it’s suitable with the wiring.

  • Remove the Old Relay and Replace It

This is the main part when you want to replace the relay. Unscrew the old relay first, then you can install the new one. Please use a screwdriver to install the new relay and ensure it’s strong enough.

  • Final Step

This is the final step to replacing the relay. Please push the wire into the terminals and make sure you push it based on the ID numbers. Prepare pliers to gently push the wires together. In the end, check it once again and make sure you have replaced the relay well.

How to Tell if AC Relay Switch is Bad

AC relay switch costs can vary depending on whether you use expert installation services or do it yourself. Now it’s time for you to know when the right time is to replace the relay. You have to know all of the signals that indicate your relay switch is bad. Here are some indications to tell if the AC relay is not in good condition:

  • An air conditioner can’t give a consistent cooling function. A relay is used to transmit the command to the thermostat. If the relay does not work well, then the thermostat can’t complete the request.
  • A stuck relay on an AC unit will make your AC unturnable. When the relay is in bad condition, it will stick or stay in the open state. It will cause your AC’s components not to turn off.
  • In the other condition, your AC can’t be turned on when the relay is stuck. If something is wrong with the relay, the compressor won’t get enough power to work. That’s why a stuck relay condition will make your AC broken.

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A malfunctioning relay can disrupt the entire AC system, leading to a situation where the AC won’t turn on, affecting the unit’s ability to cool your home effectively.

Please check once again if the AC relay switch is really in bad condition. If this happens, you know how to fix a stuck relay on AC unit step by step. If the circuit breaker for the air conditioner unit keeps tripped, you have to call an AC repair technician to come out and check the air filter and air conditioner relay, as well as the condensing unit

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning systems is crucial for optimal performance. If you experience issues where your AC fan or AC compressor is not functioning as expected, checking the relay should be a priority. Remember, a well-maintained AC unit not only ensures a comfortable environment but also helps in reducing energy bills.

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