Why is My Portable AC Producing so Much Water? Know This Fact

Why is my portable AC producing so much water? If you are curious about this matter, especially if you are experimenting with this, make sure to read this article. This article will guide you to learn how to clean the water tank of your portable air conditioner.

How Much Water Does a Portable Air Conditioner Produce?

You may wonder why is my portable AC producing so much water before reaching this article. And for that, you went to the search engine and typed your question. But how much is too much, in terms of water in a portable air conditioner?

According to sources, the amount of water produced by your portable air conditioner depends on how much humidity your area has.

If you use a portable air conditioner in a pretty humid area, you may see that your air conditioner will produce more water than when you use the unit in a drier environment.

The measurement of ‘too much water’ for a portable air conditioner to produce will be more than 4 pints per hour. This will be measured the same as 100 pints per hour, or equal to 15 gallons for each day.

You may wonder why this water can be produced. The water is made because there is a condensation process occurring as the air is cooled down through the process. Then, the water will be collected in an internal reservoir. Alternatively, you can also see units with no internal reservoir and let the condensation result be drained away using a hose.

why is my portable ac producing so much water

Some units may even have a feature not to let the reservoir be spilled if it is complete. For example, you can find a reservoir with a shutoff feature that will not allow water to be spilled out as it reaches the full level.

Take it easy if your air conditioner unit doesn’t have this feature. You only need to check the reservoir routinely and drain it from time to time. If you don’t do this, the water that stands may become an excellent home for bacteria and mold.

How to Clean Portable Air Conditioner Water Tank

As you read the last paragraph of the previous explanation, you may wonder, what should you do to clean the water tank?

It is pretty easy to do that manually. The procedure will vary from unit to unit. But in general, it will be as follows:

  1. Make sure to detach any electrical current that flows onto the unit.
  2. Then, prepare a shallow pan, which measured 1 quart or more. Place it below the drain found on the back of the portable air conditioner unit.
  3. Proceed by removing the rubber plug as well as the cap. Then, it will drain the water tank automatically. Make sure to keep the rubber plug and the drain cap safely.
  4. Once the water is drained, you’ll need to plug the drain plug back. Don’t forget to re-insert the cap into place as well.
  5. You can now use the air conditioner again by reconnecting the power and turning on the unit.

If you don’t want difficult draining, you may consider attaching a garden hose to any drain ports. This will ensure you have continuous draining.

To sum it up, the amount of water your air conditioner produces depends not only on its work. The surrounding air humidity also plays a role in determining how much water the portable air conditioner produces.

So, now you have the answer of ‘why is my portable AC producing so much water’. What do you think? Isn’t it so easy to drain the water tank? Even without any help from professionals, you should be able to do this effortlessly.

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