Why is My GE Air Conditioner Not Cooling?

Maybe you have been there where the GE Air Conditioner not cooling no matter how much you turn the temperature down. Isn’t it annoying how you’ve been sweating all night during your sleep?

If you have encountered this issue, the reasons behind it are either the thermostat set incorrectly or more complex problems such as dirty air filters or leaks. But fear not; here, we’ll make you go through a little more detailed factors of this problem.

GE Window Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Unsuitable Sizes of GE Window Air Conditioner

One common issue with GE air conditioners, particularly window AC units, is having an incorrectly sized unit for your space. This can lead to problems such as the evaporator coils freezing over if the unit is too large or the room air not being adequately cooled if the unit is too small.

This situation will affect the air filter to be clogged and form ice on the coils. You must research to find the perfect BTU rating for your window air conditioner. It’s necessary to consider which capacity in BTUs per hour supports your house in square feet. 

Wrong Temperatures of The Room

Another factor affecting the cooling efficiency of your GE air conditioner is the temperature control setting. Running your window AC at a temperature much lower or higher than recommended can strain the system.

For instance, setting it at the highest in sweltering conditions can cause the fan motor to work harder, consuming more energy without effectively reducing the indoor temperature.

GE Appliances recommend its customer to operate the GE air conditioner unit if the outdoors are 70°F or below.

If you tend to do it at a higher temperature level, you will only waste plenty of energy in the cooling process. This will also limit the unit’s cooling capacity and frost the indoor coils.

ge air conditioner not cooling

However, if the outdoor temperature is below 50°F, your GE window air conditioner will run less effectively to cool the room down. Running your window air conditioner unit will act on the compressor and stop the thermostat cycle. Meanwhile, if temperatures outside the room are at 32°F, the outer pan will freeze up.

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Restricted Air Flow

If your GE air conditioner, especially a window AC unit, hasn’t been cleaned for an extended period, the air filters can become clogged with dirt and debris. This restricts airflow, preventing the unit from efficiently circulating cold air throughout the room.

This will not let the excellent airflow inside your room. Therefore, cleaning it regularly is needed to maintain its cooling performance.

GE Portable Air Conditioner Not Cooling

When not functioning properly, chances are you’re your GE portable air conditioner might be low on Freon refrigerant. You will see the unit you own is running but not blowing cool air like it used to.

Unfortunately, this can only be fixed by recharging the Freon in the air conditioner. This requires professional tools to ensure how much Freon your unit needs. Also, the low level of Freon might be caused by leakage issues.

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Faulty Thermostat Sensor

A faulty temperature sensor can cause the compressor to shut off in the most unexpected time. Hence, the unit is failed to produce some cool air.

If your GE portable air conditioner is not cooling, you can sense that the unit temperature sensor can’t detect the room temperature correctly. All in all, a professional GE technician is needed to fix this kind of problem.

Maintenance of Cooling Systems

Regular maintenance of your GE air conditioning unit’s cooling systems, including cleaning the condenser coils and ensuring the fan motor is functioning properly, is crucial. Dirty coils can impede the flow of cold air, reducing the unit’s efficiency. Additionally, issues with the control board can affect the overall performance of the AC, leading to cooling problems.

Now you have gone through why the GE air conditioner is not cooling. Do you experience any of these issues? Let us know!

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