AC Drain Pan Full of Water: Causes and What to Do

When you notice that your AC drain pan full of water, you should realize that something is wrong with it. That’s why you should act right away to prevent further damage. Your drain pan isn’t supposed to be filled with water.

Don’t underestimate the issue by thinking that it’s a simple matter because it’s not. If you brush it off, you may have to deal with costly repairs later in the future.

What Do You Do When Your AC Drip Pan Is Full?

Before looking into the issues of an AC drain pan full of water, you should understand the function of the AC drain pan. It’s a part that is created to catch condensation dripping off the evaporator coils of the AC unit.

When the warm air makes contact with the cooling coils, water droplets will form and then drip down. Without the pan, the moisture will drip to your unit directly, and it can cause serious damage, not only to the unit but also to the floor.

ac drain pan full of water

It’s a good thing that the drain pan is connected directly to the condensation drain lain. Water can then be safely drained from the system and also out of the house. With this mechanism, you won’t have to deal with full drain pan that overflows with water.

Air Conditioner Drain Pan Keeps Filling up

From the explanation above, your drain pan shouldn’t be filled with water if everything works well with your unit. There are some possible reasons why the drain pan is somewhat filled with water.

  • Clogged Drain Pipe

When the drainage system isn’t working properly, the pan can’t clear out. It’s quite common if there is a clog within the piping system. A clogged drainage pipe or condensate line is responsible for the water buildup, and this issue happens when you don’t properly maintain or care for your unit.

  • Frozen Coil

Another possibility why your pan is overflowing is because of the frozen coil. If you suspect such a thing, it’s better to contact a professional service.

  • Incorrect Installation

If you perform the wrong installation to the unit, then the parts won’t function properly. This can happen when you have a DIY project (and yet you aren’t a trained technician), you hire an unlicensed technician, or you hire someone with poor skills.

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That’s why you should only hire a professional who has not only the license but also the permit and insurance.

Every unit should have the proper level, so when it’s low, there’s something wrong with it. It can be caused by refrigerant leak, terrible maintenance job, and poor maintenance.

How Do You Unclog an AC Drain Pan?

You can try unclogging the drain pan, but you must know what causes the blockage. If you read the explanation above, you’ll see that it’s not actually the pan that is causing problems but the drainage system (and line) that is connected to it.

The best thing to do is to dry out the unit and check the drainage. The steps to do so are:

  • Turn the AC off first so you cut the power supply.
  • Check for leakage.
  • Also, check whether the water drips from the drainage hose, which is situated at the unit’s back. If it is, then you need to open a facet up (it’s usually located outside of the house). Let the system remove any excess water.
  • You also need to check for the blockage. You can unblock it by cleaning out anything inside. Effectively remove them so the line would be cleared out.

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Final Words

In any event of doubt, you should reach out to the professional service. It’s not advisable that you tweak your unit on your own – or you may risk damaging it further. At least, by understanding the facts about an AC drain pan full of water, you know what to do.

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