Main Possible Reasons for AC Compressor Tripping After Few Minutes

Having a properly working air conditioning system is almost a must in places that tend to experience extreme climate conditions, including high temperatures. It can be unpleasant when you notice your unit stop suddenly after being activated.

If you’re currently dealing with this issue, understand that different possible reasons cause an AC compressor tripping after a few minutes. Learn more about them below.

AC Compressor Circuit Breaker

If your ac trips after some time, it is probably caused by the circuit breaker. The component is a built-in safety switch in a property’s electrical system, which would stop the power flow to any device or appliance if it consumes too much electricity. It is responsible for preventing power overload that can result in an electrical fire.

ac compressor tripping after few minutes

The circuit breaker can trip due to a fault in any unit’s components that cause it to pull more amps than it’s supposed to. Read the next section of this post to discover various potential causes of a tripping circuit breaker due to the air conditioner system.

AC Compressor Tripping Problem

  1. Dirty air filter

If the AC’s air filter is left for so long without being cleaned, it can be clogged with dust and debris, which causes the unit to suffocate and work far harder than it should. This condition leads to overheating and possibly tripped breaker. Try to change the air filter according to the instruction by the manufacturer or depending on how frequently you use your AC unit.

  1. Dirty condenser coils

Coils are components responsible for releasing warm air from the building to the outside. There’s a possibility that the components are covered by dirt and cannot work correctly. Try cleaning out the coil parts and see if this would help with the current issue of your air conditioner unit.

  1. Damaged capacitor

A capacitor is a part of the AC system responsible for starting and maintaining the unit’s operation. When this component becomes damaged, it may draw more electric power than it should and cause the breaker to trip.

  1. Aging or worn-out compressor

The compressor is located on the exterior AC unit. If this part becomes weakened, it may have trouble starting and cause too much power to be pulled, resulting in a tripping circuit breaker. If it is indeed the cause of your issue, it’s recommended to ask for a repair technician to install a hard start kit.

An electrical short in the AC compressor could be the reason for the AC unit tripping the breaker.

  1. Loose power wirings

As weather changes, wires may contract and expand accordingly. This may cause the power connections or wirings within your AC to loosen up and lead to a short circuit.

  1. Another mechanical issue

The list of minor mechanical issues that can cause your AC compressor tripping after few minutes is quite extensive. The air conditioning unit is complex equipment with many components and wires that keep the system working.

The best thing to do if you don’t know enough about this device’s electrical or mechanical parts is to contact a professional repairman and ask for service as soon as possible. The problem can be identified and resolved before they become more significant.

A professional technician can help to diagnose or repair the issue that causes an AC compressor tripping after a few minutes. Otherwise, if the source of the problem is an aging unit, then it may be appropriate to change your old circuit breaker machine and install a new one. Luckily, this component is not actually difficult nor so complicated to replace for someone with basic knowledge of the electrical field.

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