Why Air Conditioner Keeps Running When Turned Off?

It’s not unusual for air conditioning systems to continue running briefly after being turned off. However, if your cooling system keeps running for more than ten minutes or over an hour, it indicates a serious issue that needs attention.

Let’s check the article below for further information to find out why your AC is off, but the fan is still running.

Why Does the Fan Keep Running on My Air Conditioner?

Many reasons can cause an AC unit to run when turned off. Most of them come from the tools of the air conditioner.

The Electronic Control Board (PCB Assembly)

The electronic control board refers to the brain of the air conditioner. It has a function to receive and relay any components from the air conditioner. The defect on this control board can cause the air conditioner keep running when turned off. If your electronic control board is broken, it will be better to get a new one.

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air conditioner keeps running when turned off

Temperature Control

Thermostats or temperature controls are crucial components in air conditioning systems that regulate the cooled air temperature. Issues with thermostat settings or short-circuiting in relay switches can cause the air conditioner to keep running even when turned off.

Your air conditioner will keep running even though it is off when it happens.

Technically, the dials always meet to complete the area and turn on the compressor, especially when the temperature is high. However, if the dials misfire, the compressor will continue to work and some AC units will run when turned off.

Thermistor (Temperature Sensor)

Overall, the thermistor and thermostat are two components that work together to sense the temperature. You can find a small light beside the evaporator using the window unit air conditioner. The thermostat also has a time desk, like the thermostat. It decides when the condenser should be off or on.

The damage to the thermistor can also cause your AC to be off, but the fan is still running. Please open your air conditioning unit to check if your thermostat is in good condition. After that, look if the sensor is broken or disconnected. When using this approach, do not forget to use a multimeter to investigate the other components of your air conditioner. It will help you to find the source of the damage effectively.

Inefficient (Undersized) Air Conditioner 

Unlike the other reasons, this last point is a technical issue because the air conditioner keeps running when turned off. That is why you must choose your air conditioner carefully before buying it. Check the size and suitability of the air conditioner for your room.

An undersized air conditioner, too small for a large room, struggles to cool the air effectively. This inefficiency can lead to the air conditioner continuously running in an attempt to reduce the room temperature to the desired level.

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A common reason why an air conditioner keeps running when turned off is a dirty air filter. When air filters are clogged, they restrict airflow, causing the system to work harder and longer to circulate cooled air. Regularly checking and replacing air filters can help fix the problem and improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Finally, this condition will push your air conditioner to run continuously. We suggest you get a larger or more powerful air conditioner soon.

Dealing with an air conditioner that keeps running when turned off can be frustrating. To effectively fix the problem, it’s advisable to consult an expert who can diagnose and resolve issues related to the cooling system, whether it’s due to thermostat settings, a dirty air filter, or other technical problems. It’s better than handling it on your own.

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