DIY guide: How to Reset Frigidaire Air Conditioner

When the Frigidaire air conditioner unit is not functioning correctly, the first thing that comes to mind is resetting them. This helps resolve some issues that seem to happen to you.

Some users may experience the Frigidaire air conditioner not cooling, or error code 88 appears. In this case, you will search how to reset Frigidaire air conditioner tutorials.

How to Reset Frigidaire Air Conditioner

Yes, as you might have known, resetting electronic units has become the best alternative solution to solve some glitches inside the software quickly. It’s quite simple yet effective to bring the system back to its default system.

Moreover, every company provides its customer with a reset system, whether it has to be done manually from the button or from the software. With that being said, the company has also been anticipative of this malfunction error.

A situation like this indicates that the air filter is blocked or power outage failures. Besides that, resetting the AC unit will also help the unit to clear out the software from bugs. In addition, the error code 88 on the Frigidaire air conditioner typically shows an overload malfunction error.

To put it simply, resetting the Frigidaire air conditioner unit you own is such a quick fix when you face issues, as stated above. Let’s read on the two steps of how to reset Frigidaire air conditioner.

From The Reset Button

In general, resetting your unit is as simple as pressing the reset button, just like other electronics. With that being said, the first thing to do is to find the reset button on your unit. Generally, the button is attached to the power cord to help you find them easier. But, you will also find them on its plug.

how to reset frigidaire air conditioner

Once you detect the reset button, press them firmly and hang on to it for up to 5 seconds. The unit will automatically turn off and set its operation back to the default mode. Frigidaire air conditioner made the system to work itself throughout the reset operation.

However, if the Frigidaire air conditioner stays on even though you’re done holding to the button, you need to stay pressing them a little longer. But, if this method still doesn’t work, you may want to hold it until the power is removed and the light turns off.

By Removing The Plug

Another method you can try when resetting Frigidaire air conditioner is by unplugging the unit from outlet. This is such a common way to reset an AC unit. In this case, you will need to wait for about 15 seconds or more to let the system work itself. You can plug the unit back to the electrical outlet when you’re done waiting.

From The Circuit Breaker

If the following steps above still don’t make any difference, you can try resetting your Frigidaire air conditioner unit by switching the circuit breaker to “off” mode. This step might be a bit tricky, but not everyone knows what “circuit breaker” is.

First, locate the circuit breaker panel on the air conditioning unit, then switch it off. Like any other previous method, wait for 10 minutes to allow them to work. Change it back to the “on” mode when you’re done.

Those steps above could work to rebuild the control system inside the unit. Any possible failure or faulty from the software could solve the issues themselves. This kind of system is made to give each user a peace of mind when something bad appears.

However, if the bugs still happen continuously even though you do the reset already, the issues may go deep or far. Probably, the malfunctions might have occurred for a long time and could not be solved by the reset operation.

After walking through the DIY guide on how to reset Frigidaire air conditioner, you can fix any possible minor issue by yourself. Resetting your unit will put an end to the bugging issues. If something is messed up, we recommend watching some video tutorials.

So, did you find this article helpful? Which method works in resetting your Frigidaire air conditioner unit? Or did you have any other alternatives? Let us know!

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