Here’s How You Can Fix LG Portable Air Conditioner That’s Not Cooling

Did you ever come home and find your LG portable air conditioner not cooling? Uncomfortable, right? I bet this is the least thing we all want to happen.

LG Portable Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Finding your air conditioning unit not cooling is the most annoying moment, especially after a long day of work. Yes, we got it, I guess most homeowners have ever been in such an annoying situation like this.

Most air conditioner technicians found this case is commonly caused by dirty air filters, condenser coil, and the wrong setting. In most cases, you might not have scheduled maintenance for once in 30 days, which makes the dust layer even worse.

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Before you get panicked, do check the setting on your thermostat. You might want to ensure that the proper cooling mode, as well as the temperature, is necessary. If the setting is incorrect, the unit will not be able to blow the cool air.

If this is what happened to you, then you don’t need to worry. These problems are easily fixed by yourself and don’t indicate any significant issues. We have summarized the solutions for you.

How do I Fix My LG Portable Air Conditioner?

Before we jump to the solutions, you must know the reasons that may be causing the issues.

Commonly, the main factor behind your LG portable air conditioner not cooling is the dust that’s blocking the cool air to blow. Indeed, some users find the air filters of their unit are extremely dirty.

lg portable air conditioner not cooling

Clean The Air Filters

As we stated above, dust is your only enemy, with that being said, you can clean them by yourself or call an AC technician to do it for you.

When you choose to do it yourself, we have quick tips for you:

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner if the layers of dust are still thin.
  2. You may wash the filter with detergent if vacuuming isn’t enough to make the filters polished.

Clean The Condenser Coils

If the air filters of your LG Portable Air Conditioner are spotless yet it still fail blowing the cool air, you may check the condenser coil. The dirty condenser coil can also decrease the unit’s efficiency in blowing the cold air into your room.

However, this situation requires special tools from the professional AC technician as the condenser coils are quiet expensive and technical. There are condenser coils cleaner solutions available on the market, yet we still recommend you call a professional for help.

Clean the Vent

When your portable air conditioner is not blowing the cold air as you expected, the other issue may come from the dirty vent. Then the remedy is to clean the vent so the air will come out as cold as you want them to be.

Empty the Water Tank

The next problem will be in the drain water tank. Your LG portable air conditioner might be collecting the drippings of water more than it should. To solve this, emptying the tank is the only solution.

How to Reset LG Portable Air Conditioner

After the solutions we have mentioned above, do you still find your LG portable air conditioner not cooling?

If you scream a yes, then you may reset your AC unit. With that being said, your unit needs a power reset to get back to its default settings.

The reset should be easy, so follow as stated below:

  1. Find the reset button in your built-in unit, we suggest you to use a lighting in searching the button
  2. Push the reset button for few seconds
  3. Once it’s off, try to turn the unit again by pressing the same button

We have walked through the solutions that you can do to solve the issue. However, you should remember that keeping your portable air conditioning unit is necessary to prevent any problems.

To conclude, scheduling weekly maintenance is best to prevent the LG portable air conditioner not cooling. Also, it’s better to avoid any major issue that will cost you later.

So, after knowing all these, which way would you choose to take a quick fix when your LG portable air conditioner not cooling?

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