3 Causes of Outside Air Conditioner Unit Frozen That You Should be Aware Of

It will be strange if your outside air conditioner unit is frozen on a hot summer day. But believe it or not, it is a common occurrence. Many homeowners lack the information and understanding of air conditioners necessary to avert this issue on their own. It’s a problem that can turn a pleasant summer day into a scorching one in a matter of minutes.

Checking the supply registers is a sure sign. Is it hot? If that’s the case, frozen evaporator coils are likely. Check for ice by opening the panel. Keep in mind that the absence of ice does not necessarily indicate the lack of a freezing problem. On the other hand, seeing ice is almost always a sign that your outside air conditioner unit is frozen.

Causes of Outside Air Conditioner Unit Frozen

  1. Freezing summer nights can cause your air conditioner to freeze as well

Air conditioners are programmed to function within a set of ideal temperature ranges. It can throw an air conditioner out of whack when summer evenings are colder than the optimum threshold can account for.

  1. Refrigerant leaks or mechanical issues

Moving parts in air conditioners can become trapped, broken, or clogged. It’s possible for refrigerant lines to kink, fans to cease spinning, filters to clog, and things to leak. Any of these factors result in a loss in pressure, allowing the refrigerant to expand excessively and become too cold.

outside air conditioner unit frozen

Refrigerant is also required to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your machine. Freezing is also known to occur when the refrigerant level is too low. Some of these issues are easier and less expensive to resolve than others. In the instance of a coolant leak, any repair will most likely only be temporary.

  1. Freezing occurs when air flow is obstructed

Air conditioners require a steady airflow to prevent humidity from condensing on the coils and freezing. Make sure your air filters aren’t dusty or clogged to keep the airflow in your home moving enough to avoid disrupting the operation of your air conditioner.

The air movement in your home will be restricted due to this. Air filters are inexpensive, and it’s recommended to replace them regularly. It’s also a good idea to keep your air conditioner clean and tuned up to avoid airflow issues and other issues in general.

  1. Coil needs cleaning

The airflow will become impeded, and the evaporator coil will freeze if dirt builds upon it. Your home’s interior air carries dust as it moves through your ducts. Most of it is captured by your filter, but not all of it. The coil will become dusty over time and will require cleaning. This is why it’s critical to have professional maintenance inspections performed regularly.

  1. Your blower fan is broken

Warm air is forced into the coils as a result of this. The frozen c will eventually stop the air conditioner from working if the AC blower fan is malfunctioning and not blowing any or enough air.

  1. Air duct is leaked and collapsed

The air ducts are the air’s path in an air conditioning system. When an air duct collapses, it prevents appropriate ventilation, which might result in your air conditioner freezing up.

  1. Condensate Lines are Blocked

The evaporator coil absorbs heat and moisture from the air. A drainage pipe is used to transport condensed steam (water) away from the cold refrigerant in your air conditioner. When the drain pipe becomes clogged, water freezes near the evaporator coil.

Is a Frozen Air Condition Unit Dangerous?

When your air conditioner freezes, it can result in a compressor failure. This can result in a costly repair. It’s possible that replacing your compressor will cost as much as a downpayment on a high-efficiency model. Unfortunately, many consumers are forced to choose between purchasing a new system and repairing an existing one.

The reasons for the outside air conditioner unit frozen, on the other hand, can be avoided with regular maintenance and tune-ups. Regular tune-ups and air filter changes go a long way toward reducing mechanical problems, blockages, and leaks.

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