Goodman AC Unit Reset Button and How to Use It

If you have the device, you probably want to know more about the Goodman AC unit reset button. This brand may not be hugely popular in this business sector, but it has its own quality craftsmanship. Not to mention that it has an impressive warranty that makes it likable and favorable.

Accessing the reset button shouldn’t be an issue, but you need to know the general operation and system of the device.

About Goodman Unit

It’s safe to say that Goodman systems aren’t the most energy-efficient or technologically advanced but they are pretty reliable. They are also affordable, considering they offer long years of warranty for the parts and unit replacement.

According to general reviews (and the reviewers), the overall warranty of Goodman Systems is one of the most flawless and perfect.

In 2012, Daikin acquired the brand. Since then, Goodman has been focusing its production and manufacturing on durability. With the affordable unit and installation cost, it’s not surprising that this brand has become everyone’s favorite.

goodman ac unit reset button

Goodman Air Conditioner Problems

This brand has its own issue. Some are quite common and repeated, causing them to be considered the common ‘Goodman problems’. What are they?

  • Weak airflow. It gets worse when you don’t regularly change the filters. That’s why it’s advisable that you change the filter once in at least a month or three months, max. Airflow can be affected by the leaky air ducts or exterior conditions. Ask for help from a pro if this happens.
  • Not cooling. Coils and condensers are crucial for cooling down. If they are dirty, they won’t be functional. You need to clean them. If you are clueless about what to do, ask a pro.
  • Noisy fan. A failing fan is also an indicator of something wrong with your unit. Contact a pro to check your unit and replace the parts.
  • Increased humidity. If there are issues with the drain or drain pans, the unit won’t be able to suck in the humidity from the surrounding air.

How Do I Reset My Goodman AC Unit?

You should know the Goodman air conditioner unit reset button to give you the knowledge and an idea about how to do it when there is an issue with the unit. The first thing to do is know the location of the AC unit reset button.

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It’s typically situated right on the exterior part of the unit. You should be able to find a label reset on it. But if not, you should be able to see a button-like knob or dial. Check your manual if you aren’t sure.

The next things to do are:

  • Turn the AC off.
  • Press that reset button. Just do it once and wait for around 30 seconds. Just wait until the system clears out any existing glitches.
  • Turn it back on. Let it be for a while for starting up and stabilizing.
  • Monitor your unit’s performance. Within the next hour, your unit should be able to operate efficiently. If not, you can try repeating the steps.

If the unit is still breaking or it’s not working well, it’s possible that you have a dirty filter or power supply issue. This is the time when you should ask for professional help.

Final Words

All in all, tweaking the Goodman system isn’t complicated or difficult. If you have been dealing with an AC unit, you shouldn’t have any issues with Goodman.

However, if you aren’t familiar with the whole thing, you should ask for help. Now that you know the function of the Goodman AC unit reset button, you can consider tweaking it independently.

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