How to Reset Air Conditioner Thermostat for Various Types of Models

Performing a reset on your thermostat is necessary every once in a while or if you have issues with the programming. Resetting means bringing the equipment back to the default settings by the factory.

An example of an issue where you need to do a reset is when you find the heating or air conditioning system is working, but the temperature is not entirely comfortable. The following article will tell you how to reset air conditioner thermostat for different model types.

how to reset air conditioner thermostat

How to Reset Air Conditioner Thermostat Honeywell

Different types of thermostats may require other resetting procedures. For the most accurate method, you need to check the manufacturer’s manuals. However, if you currently can’t find one, you may use the step-by-step guides below.

If you find your thermostat not working and you know what type it is, follow the instructions below to reset the thermostat and get it to operate normally.

Programmable thermostat

Battery removal will be required to reset a programmable thermostat. Below is the guide to follow:

  1. Switch the thermostat to the off position to turn it down.
  2. Open the location of the battery, which is most probably located on the back of the thermostat.
  3. Lift off the batteries.
  4. Flip the position of the batteries to the positive sides are placed on negative terminals for 5 seconds.
  5. Lift off the batteries again and position them correctly.
  6. The resetting process is done so turn on the thermostat and see if the issue has been resolved.

Low-voltage or line-voltage electronic thermostat

This type may require you to clean the parts and try different settings. In general, this particular thermostat model doesn’t have a digital display. Follow the directions below to reset the equipment properly:

  1. Lift-off the cover of the thermostat.
  2. Clean the interior part using a delicate brush and gentle wipe.
  3. Set the equipment to the coolest setting.
  4. Clean the parts again.
  5. Set the equipment to the highest setting.
  6. Clean the parts again.
  7. Reset the thermostat to the setting that you want.

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Non-programmable digital thermostat

Resetting thermostat in digital model type is usually straightforward. You only need to remove the thermostat cover and then press the button to reset it for a few seconds. Alternatively, you may lift off the batteries for a few seconds as well. Either one of these options should help you to reset the equipment successfully.

Mechanical thermostat

Before resetting a mechanical thermostat, it is essential to perform troubleshooting first. Begin by removing the cover of this equipment and examine if all parts are placed securely and adequately within.

If nothing seems wrong, try resetting the circuit breaker. The mechanical thermostat needs to be set, switched on, and switched off manually opposite the digital thermostat. It is also not powered by batteries, so you need to reset the circuit breaker.

Follow the steps below to reset the mechanical thermostat:

  1. Switch the thermostat to the off position to turn it down.
  2. Locate the circuit breaker that power the air conditioning system then switch it off as well.
  3. Wait approximately 30 – 60 seconds before switching the circuit breaker back on.
  4. Switch the thermostat on again.

If your HVAC system shows signs of failing or experiencing short-cycling, it’s crucial to perform troubleshooting on the thermostat first, as this section serves as the brain of the whole system.

In the event of a power outage, a battery-operated ac thermostat can be reset to its factory settings by removing the batteries and using a soft brush to clean the contacts.

Simple guides on how to reset the air conditioner thermostat above may help you, but if they don’t, it is recommended to contact HVAC professionals or technicians to help you determine the source of the problem and resolve the issue accordingly.

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