What Causes Condensation on AC Vents? Here are The Main Reasons

Does your AC leak? Well, that means your air conditioner is condensing. In these conditions, you must immediately check the AC. If you let it, there will be more severe property damage, and you will receive high electricity bills.

This article discusses how moisture can enter the air conditioner vent and cause condensation there. We will also discuss what causes condensation on AC vents and how to fix it. What are they? Check out the full explanation below!

What Causes Condensation on AC Vents: Where Does The Condensation Come From?

Condensation often occurs when the weather is hot and very humid. Condensation is when water vapor changes to a liquid state when warm, moist air comes in contact with a cold surface. For example, you will often see condensation on a glass’s cold surface. Well, that’s what happens when there is condensation on AC vents.

what causes condensation on ac vents

If the problem of condensation from the AC vent is not resolved immediately, the roof and walls of the room will be damaged. In addition, damage to the insulation layer of the HVAC can also occur.

Your room can also be overgrown with mold because the condition of the room becomes humid. Well, that’s why you have to listen to some things related to what causes condensation on air conditioners in the next explanation.

The Main Causes of Condensation that Occurs in AC

Poor duct insulation or damaged insulation is the first thing that allows condensation on AC vents. If you have an HVAC line made of metal without insulation or if the insulation line is damaged, then your air conditioner will most likely experience condensation.

This can happen because the warm air outside the duct leaks into the inside and eventually comes into contact with the cold surface.

The AC duct is connected to the ventilation grille via a metal tube called a “boot.” Well, if there is damage to the boot, condensation will occur. Usually, that’s because there isn’t good insulation around the boot.

It could also be that the condensate drain on the AC has been clogged, or the condensate pump is also blocked. A clogged drain will cause a leak in the air conditioner.

Another reason that causes condensation on AC vents is freezing the evaporator coil. Usually, this is followed by the cooling system not working completely or only a little air coming out of the AC vents. A blockage usually causes this in the filter or refrigerant leakage.

From some of the explanations above, you now know what the things that cause condensation in the air conditioner are. Next, we will provide a way to stop condensation on AC vents.

Ways You Can Do to Stop Condensation in AC

How to stop condensation on AC vents? First, check the AC line. You can do it yourself, but it would be better if you ask for the help of an expert. This is because it is difficult to check the AC line, especially if water is in it. To fix this, installing a new insulated line or adding insulation outside the AC line is necessary.

Then, you can also patch the leak if there is damage to the AC boot section. First, make sure that the AC ducts are in good condition. In addition to patching these parts, you can change the boot or add insulation.

If there is damage to the AC condensate drain, then you must clean the drain. You better call an AC repair person to make it easier.

Then, if condensation occurs due to frozen coils, you must repair the filter and refrigerant sections. Damage to the frozen coil system can also be caused by damage to the compressor. So, again, you should call an AC professional to help you fix it.

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