Why Is My AC Spitting Out Water?

Why is my AC spitting out water? Some problems make you more frustrated to solve than a water leakage on your air conditioner. An air conditioner unit comes from different sources. Therefore, it is crucial to understand when the leakage can be solved when you require a standard air conditioner.

If your air conditioner is spitting out water, you are required to identify causes and problems. AC spitting out water seems to be a severe problem. 

Why Is My AC Spitting Out Water? 

An air conditioner keeps continuing to leak and spits out water. It is a cooling process. However, if it is spitting out water continuously, it seems to be a problem for your air conditioner. There will be some causes of this situation. 

Blocked Condensate Disposal 

The air conditioner spitting water and making noise is so annoying. You must identify the cause of this problem and fix it sooner. Blocked condensate disposal is a general reason for air conditioner leakage. It is the easiest problem to check by the owner of a house.

why is my ac spitting out water

There will be some causes of this situation, such as dirt and dust blocking a drainage system flowing water from your air conditioner from your house. When it happens, it can cause your ac system to leak. 

Broken Disposal 

A disposal pan may be broken if you have a condensate and are free of blockage. It is an area catching much spitting out water from an evaporator unit system. You can check the pan from the broken situation and damage to see the causes spitting out. If it has water in this pan disposal, it has a problem with the disposal system. You require attention to fix it sooner. 

Dirty Air Filter

Why is my ac spitting out water? You can detect another cause of this problem. You have to check the air filter. An air filter system must be changed before limiting airflow. The failure to keep the air filter clean and clear can block the airflow in your air conditioner and cause the pressure to decrease.

A pressure decrease can cause your air conditioner system to freeze. When it happens, the unit will be off. As a result, the ice will melt, and the system will leak. 

Leaked Refrigerant

In the bad scenario, you may have a refrigerant leakage. It causes the same damage as a leaking air filter. However, the best repair requires skillful technicians to handle it. 

The Damage of AC Compressor

The air conditioner compressor may be the cause of spitting out water. A broken air conditioner is a serious problem because it is central to the air conditioner to have functions flowing freon and change it to be cool air. If the compressor is broken due to dirt and dust, spitting out water cannot be prevented anymore. 

How to Fix Air Conditioner Spitting Out Water

You can apply the ways to fix the air conditioner spitting out water. That help improves your ac leakage. Here are the ways. 

  1. Changing Dirty Air Conditioner

The first step in handling a leaking air conditioner is changing your old and dirty air conditioner filter. A dirty air conditioner can become the main leakage problem because the water cannot flow perfectly. In addition, it causes all ac components to work harder for cooling. 

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  1. Cleaning a Blocked Hose

A blocked ac hose is one of the causes of leakage. You can find the leaking hose. You should check it carefully. Change the leaking hose to a better condition. 

  1. Fixing Your AC Compressor

The last step in fixing your air conditioner spitting out water is repairing your ac compressor. Make sure it is working optimally to avoid producing much water.

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