Why Is My Portable Aircon Leaking Water: Possible Reasons and Solutions

If you are wondering why is my portable aircon leaking water, you need to know the general facts on how such a device works. Never underestimate water leakage as it is generally a sign that something is wrong with your device.

If you want your device to last longer, you must care for it properly and address any issue immediately. Water leakage is never a good sign, so be sure you know the causes and what you can do about it.

Is It Normal for Portable AC to Leak Water?

Before discussing why my portable aircon leaks water, you need to know the basic facts about the machine. A portable AC is quite good for cooling off small spaces, especially when you can’t use the wall-mounted or the window type.

Many portable ACs have been used in permanent units, such as rented apartments or offices where the current renters can’t really drill the walls.

why is my portable aircon leaking water

However, such a unit isn’t perfect as it is prone to water leaks and also dirty filters. Portable ACs can be difficult to fix, so it’s crucial that any issues should be addressed right away.

Leakage Causes and How Do I Stop My Portable Air Conditioner from Leaking

There are several reasons why portable ACs are leaking water. Let’s not forget that it’s a device, and it’s quite common for a device to experience issues for several reasons.

  • Full Drip Pan

Portable ACs have the so-called drip tray or a drip pan responsible for catching all the condensation collected around the unit. Over time, the water drainage (which connects to the drain line) can fill up. If this is the issue, you only need to unplug your AC and drain the water.

But if the problem still persists, it means that there are still other causes. If you are clueless of what to do, you can always hire a professional service so they can check the real reason for the issue.

It’s quite common that air filters may be clogged over time. When this happens, your unit will have to work extra hard to circulate the air around the unit. As a result, the moisture will become ice before it finally melts and causes leakage.

Dealing with this issue can be quite easy and simple. Clean the filter under running water and then use soap to remove the grime. You can also use the vacuum cleaner to clean out the loose dust.

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  • Clogged Drain Line

When the air filter is dirty, it’s usually accompanied by a clogged drain line because it accumulates debris, dirt, and even mold. When the drain line is clogged, the condensation will back up to the unit, leading to water leakage to happen.

You need to unplug your AC and check the line to deal with the issue. Dislodge the line and cleanse it. Run water through it so debris can be cleaned out. Afterwards, you can return the line back to the unit and the water leakage shouldn’t happen anymore.

  • Faulty Condensate Pump

This pump pushes out the accumulated moisture from the portable AC. So, if you want your AC to remain dry and function well, this pump should remain in good condition. Unfortunately, if you encounter this issue, you need to hire a professional technician to deal with the issue. Don’t try to deal with the issue yourself.

  • Loose Drain Plug

If the drain plug or cap is loose, it won’t be able to contain water. If you notice any drip, check the drain cap. Try to fasten the cap or plug. You must hire a pro to check the issue if the leakage still happens.

Why Is My Portable AC Producing So Much Water?

This is a normal thing for portable AC. The device produces water during the cooling period because it uses a refrigeration cycle, the same as AC with compressor-based. However, if the amount is too much, it’s likely because of a dirty filter and other causes mentioned above.

Now that you know the reasons for why is my portable aircon leaking water and also the possible solutions, you can be more aware of such a condition.

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