Can an Air Conditioner Make You Sick? Truth or Myth?

Many people have complained about air conditioning sickness after suffering a common cold or allergy-like symptoms when doing activities in an air-conditioned room. In this case, is it right to fully blame your air conditioner (AC)? Can your Air Conditioner make you sick?

However, the answer is not entirely yes or no. The cold air from your AC is not inherently making you sick, but it interacts with the environment and leads to sick building syndrome, also known as air conditioning sickness.

So, what is air conditioning sickness? Can your AC really make you sick?

Here is the answer. Air conditioning is a symptom of health illnesses and discomfort, mostly linked to poor air quality – dust, heat or low humidity, smoke, or even mold. Although the sickness doesn’t specify any disease, several non-specific symptoms include breathing difficulties, headache, fatigue, and irritated skin.

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In addition, freezing temperatures can also be a source of sickness as it leads to dryness, the spread of cold-causing viruses, and decreases the immune response – meaning that fewer white blood cells are protecting you against illnesses and viruses.

Can Mold in AC Make You Sick? How Come?

Yes, it can! If your AC is not well maintained, the cooling system can be a source of mold growth. As air flows through your AC, the mold can easily escape into your room.

can air conditioner make you sick

According to a study by the International Journal of Epidemiology, the occupants of office buildings with an AC system reported more symptoms of being sick than those working in facilities without an AC system.

It can be concluded that buildings with AC systems and humidification systems disperse more contaminants into the indoor air. The issue might end up causing health problems such as sore throats, stuffy noses, or respiratory issues.

Effects of AC on Lungs

Have you ever suffered from breathing or any respiratory issues when sitting in a room with an air conditioner but feeling much better when away? The suspects must be dirt, bacteria, and fungi trapped on air filters.

Every filter has its maximum capacity. If you forget to clean them on time, the filters will start releasing these particles into your room instead of filtering them out. As a result, you start breathing in polluted air. Therefore, it is highly recommended to clean air filters after 250 hours of usage. You are also suggested to change them after every three months.

The maintenance is done to prevent you from getting a cold that can cause typical asthma symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, and breath shortness. Prolonged exposure to AC can certainly worsen asthma as well as the lung infections caused by this condition.

So, can Air Conditioner make you sick? It depends on you! You may implement these tips as a preventive action: regular maintenance check-ups, cleaning your air filters regularly, taking a look inside your air ducts to prevent any contaminations, and maintaining ideal room temperature.

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