Start Freezing As Air Conditioner Heat Mode Not Working?

It must be really frustrating to see the temperature drop as your air conditioner heat mode is not working. Although errors frequently happen with the heat mode of AC, many of them are quite easy to fix without any professional help. But, before talking about the troubleshooting, let’s understand the heat mode on AC first.

Most of the time, AC is always associated with cooling, not heating. But in fact, many AC units can also be used in cold weather to keep rooms warm.

How do they work? How could a machine designed to produce cool air also blow the warm one?

A heat pump is an appliance that moves heat from one place to another. So, essentially, a heat pump works similar to any AC, except you can reverse the cycle: it blows cold air outside and keeps the hot air inside.

AC Heat Mode Turn On But Not Working

The easiest way to know that your heat mode isn’t working is by switching the mode on and evaluating it after 60 minutes. If you are still freezing inside and outside, there must be some errors within your AC unit.

  • A clogged or dirty air filter may cause poor airflow which leads to compressor failing. You may feel cool air in certain rooms and not others.
  • Grim smells coming from the burnt out wire insulation. It also indicates mold inside the ductwork or the unit itself.
  • A lot of noise indicating that something’s wrong and not operating efficiently. The unusual level of noise strongly indicates a problem with the fan belt, which can affect the unit’s efficiency.

So, why is the AC heat pump not working appropriately? The most common factor is dirt. The outdoor unit should absorb heat and send refrigerant to heat your rooms in heating mode. Dust and other debris might have blocked its airflow through the outdoor coil.

Another issue that causes your AC heat mode not to work is the circuit breaker or the broken fuses. The parts should be repaired or replaced. Otherwise, the whole unit will be affected.

How To Fix AC If Not Heating

Based on each factor you have identified before, it’s time to do the work!

For instance, if your outdoor unit is to blame, clean the whole parts and ensure that nothing is blocking the airflow.

Meanwhile, if your heat pump goes frozen due to faulty controls or relays, remove light ice or snow that might be blocking the unit. Please don’t use any sharp things as the coils are fragile. Instead, you are suggested to use water from a hose.

Now, you have overcome the minor errors of not-working AC heat mode. But still, to prevent your Air conditioner heat mode from not working again in the future, it’s always a good idea to have it regularly serviced – before the errors get worse and become more costly!

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