Mold in Air Conditioner – Symptoms and How to Prevent Them

Symptoms of Mold in Air Conditioner

If you consistently detect an unpleasant, musty odor indoors with your HVAC system running, it’s a primary sign of mold in your air conditioner. Mold spores can grow in your air conditioning unit, especially when the environment is conducive to mold growth.

When your air conditioner is dirty because the filters aren’t cleaned in a while, it’s likely to increase the humidity and allow the mold to grow. It may be hard to detect them inside your air conditioner, but it’s possible to be on the lookout.

Black Dust

You can identify the mold by its color, which usually appears in black or gray substances. That’s why they are called as black mold or Stachybotrys chartarum. Otherwise, you will find the mold hard to wipe off.

Mold tends to thrive from eating plenty of dust in damp areas of a single surface. The black mold on ceilings or carpets is typically the same in the air conditioner.

Health-related Issues

Other symptoms of mold exposure, indicating the presence of mold in your AC, include persistent coughs, headaches, runny nose, and breathing difficulties. These health issues can arise from inhaling mold spores through air vents.

Especially for asthma, you can be triggered by the mold spreading through the whole room. Some people may also get itchy or irritated eyes, rashes on the skin, throat irritation, and vomiting. Even though the symptoms are likely to be minor, but they can lead to significant health issues, from eye infections to lung bleeding.

Identifying Mold

Identifying mold growth in your home can be challenging. Mold can appear in various colors, including brown, green, white, pink, yellow, or orange, with signs of mold and mildew. When cleaning mold, it’s advisable to wear a face mask to protect yourself from inhaling harmful spores.

Regularly inspecting and cleaning your air conditioning unit and ducts can help prevent mold from establishing an environment for mold within your system.

How to Prevent Mold in Air Conditioner?

Now you sense the symptoms, here comes the question of how you can prevent mold in the air conditioner.

mold in air conditioner symptoms

Clean the Ducts Periodically

Maintaining a healthy air conditioning system is crucial to prevent mold in your AC and avoid its associated symptoms. This includes regular cleaning of air filters and ensuring proper humidity levels within your home. Portable dehumidifiers or HVAC systems with built-in dehumidifying functions can help maintain an environment less favorable for mold growth.

You may need a professional technician to clean the air ducts since they can locate mold quickly. Cleaning the ducts and removing the molds require specific tools to ensure they are done well without damaging the systems. Make sure your AC technician is trustworthy and has a good track record.

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Watch Out for Damp Areas Around

Droplets from leaky pipe or roofs are the best way to lead mold production. They are clogged inside the perfect high-moisture environment, encouraging them to develop. So fix any leakage issues as soon as possible once you find them around the duct area.

Maintain the Humidity Levels

You can consider monitoring natural ventilation inside your house to keep the air circulation fresh and healthy. If you have an extra penny, you may want to install air purifiers with the technology to kill mold.

Remember to keep the humidity levels around 30% to 60% for an ideal indoor level. Or else, you can purchase a humidity sensor online to get the simplest yet most effective way to monitor the airflow.

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Keep Your Family Safe

All in all, mold in the air conditioner is such a severe problem that it should be watched and treated professionally. This tiny particle can result in severe health-related issues. To keep your family safe, work around some maintenance appointments with excellent management for your air conditioner.

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