How to Fix Short Cycling Air Conditioner?

The short cycling of your air conditioner is a potential issue if it frequently turns on and off without completing an entire cooling cycle. This problem can cause inefficiency in the functioning of your AC, and eventually, it may result in early malfunction.

Therefore, it’s crucial to tackle this problem promptly. This article will outline the signs of short cycling and its underlying causes and provide some tips on resolving it.

How to Fix Short Cycling Air Conditioner?

There are two potential causes of air conditioner short cycling that you can address on your own. The first is the air filter, which you can replace by turning off the system, removing the filter, replacing it with the one recommended by the manufacturer, and then turning the system back on.

how to fix short cycling air conditioner

The second is the evaporator coils, which you can check for the presence of ice. If ice is present, turn the system off until the coils have defrosted. If neither of these fixes the problem, it is advisable to seek professional assistance.

A smaller unit, more refrigerant, or replacing or repairing electrical components in your central air conditioner may be necessary.

Signs of AC Short Cycling

Short cycling can result in various observable indications. Here are some signs that suggest that your AC unit is short cycling:

  • The AC is cycling on and off frequently, even when the indoor temperature has not altered significantly.
  • Your AC cannot cool your residence effectively, and the temperature remains too high.
  • Your electricity bills are more expensive than usual since frequent cycling causes your AC to consume more energy than needed.
  • You may hear unusual sounds from your AC units, such as rattling or clanking.

Is AC short-cycling dangerous? Short cycling of an AC can potentially be hazardous for the related AC units, such as the thermostat, compressor, air filter, and others. Still, it is not typically a safety concern for people in the home.

What Causes Compressor Short Cycling?

Although a malfunctioning compressor is often the cause of short cycling, several other factors can contribute to the issue. Here are some prevalent causes of compressor short cycling:

● Dirty Air Filters

When the air filters are filthy or obstructed, it can limit the airflow, making the compressor work harder and resulting in short cycling.

● Low Refrigerant Levels

Inadequate refrigerant levels can make the compressor overheat and shut down regularly.

● Electrical Problems

Faulty electrical connections or damaged wires can cause the compressor to short cycle.

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● Thermostat Issues

If the thermostat is not functioning correctly, it may not be able to read the temperature accurately, leading to short cycling.

Tips for Repairing a Short Cycling Compressor

In case you suspect that your AC unit is short cycling, there are various solutions you can try to fix it. Below are some suggestions for fixing a short cycling compressor:

● Verify the Air Filters

Clogged or dirty air filters can lead to short cycling. Check the filters and clean or replace them if required.

● Inspect the Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels may cause the compressor to shut down frequently. If you suspect the levels are low, have an HVAC technician examine and refill the refrigerant.

● Clean the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit may accumulate dirt, which can lead to short cycling. Clean the unit and eliminate debris or plants that might obstruct the airflow.

● Examine the Thermostat

Ensure that the thermostat is functioning accurately and reading the indoor temperature correctly. Replace it if it’s faulty.

● Consult a Professional

If you’re not confident repairing the problem or if it persists, it’s best to contact an HVAC technician to diagnose and repair it.

So, how to fix short cycling air conditioner? By following the solutions outlined in the previous section, including cleaning air filters, checking refrigerant levels, and seeking professional help. Regular maintenance can prevent short cycling and increase your unit’s lifespan. With these tips, you can have efficient and comfortable cooling.

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