Will Low Freon Damage A Compressor? Find Out the Answer Here

Have you ever heard of freon? Freon is a type of refrigerant, a trademarked brand that has become an equivalent term for refrigerants for many people nowadays. Regardless of how you refer to this component, it is a vital part of the whole air conditioning system, and it needs to be filled to a certain level for the unit to operate correctly.

If you have a question about the topic, such as the signs of dropped refrigerant level or whether low freon damage a compressor, you will discover the answers below.

will low freon damage a compressor

What Happens When AC Is Low on Freon

Here are some low refrigerant symptoms that you need to be aware of:

  • The air conditioning system takes too long to cool down the room

The higher the temperature, the more time it takes for the AC to cool down the space. However, a low refrigerant level might extend the amount of time required to do so.

  • The ventilators are not blasting cool air

There are plenty of potential reasons why the vents blow lukewarm or warm air instead of a cool one, but one of them is low refrigerant.

  • The adjusted temperature is never achieved

If the thermometer never reaches the temperature number you set it on, you may need to check if the refrigerant level is the source of this problem.

  • There is ice accumulated on refrigerant lines

Ice build-up may appear if your AC has a low level of refrigerant, which cause the ice to form on the evaporator coil or copper tubing.

Related to the prior point of accumulated ice, the said ice may melt and cause water to drop to the floor and pool around the furnace.

  • The unit produces strange noise

Running AC with low refrigerant may cause a leaking component, resulting in a bubbling or hissing noise. In this case, a professional HVAC repairman should be contacted.

  • The power bill is higher than usual

Making a monthly or annual comparison of your electric bills can help to detect issues related to your air conditioning unit. If your electricity costs are higher than typical, the AC may be the source of the problem and needs to be serviced.

Will Low Freon Damage A Compressor?

Now, you may wonder, will low freon damage a compressor?

The answer is, unfortunately, yes. The compressor is a core part of the AC, turning the liquid refrigerant into high-pressured gas.

Consequently, it has to match the charge of the refrigerant. So, if the refrigerant level drops, the compressor will need to begin to work harder. It is a condition that can make it break soon if not addressed, resulting in costly repairs.

Aside from harming the compressor, the low-charge refrigerant will hinder the indoor coil from drawing the supposed amount of heat. This will cause ice to accumulate around the evaporator coil as the refrigerant’s temperature won’t rise sufficiently high and will decrease the general ability of your unit to cool down the space.

Does A Heat Pump Use Freon in The Winter?

A refrigerator is also a required part of a heat pump for it to function correctly. That being said, the refrigerant is not consumed throughout the operation but transformed from liquid form to gas and conversely to heat or cool a space. During this process, the charge or level of the refrigerant shouldn’t drop.

By now, you already know various symptoms of dropped refrigerant level or will low freon damage a compressor. If you notice any issue related to this area, make sure it is corrected as soon as possible. You can always rely on certified HVAC professionals to help you.

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