Air Conditioner 101: What Temperature to Set Air Conditioner in Summer?

Welcome to the complexities of managing the air conditioning system: you’re too chilly, the kids are sweating, yet the dog looks great. The ideal AC temperature in the summer varies according to who you ask. The good news is that you may take several actions to determine your perfect temperature and reduce your power costs.

Find out how to keep your house cool in the summer without worrying about high electricity costs. You can refer to this advice the next time you wonder, “what temperature to set air conditioner in summer?”

What are the Recommended Home Temperatures in Summer?

How high should you set the thermostat in the summer? It has long been debated what the ideal AC temperature is. Is the perfect temperature for air conditioning 72 degrees? Should the air conditioner be adjusted at 75°F instead? Even 78°F? The best way to change the AC temperature for cooling during the summer is impossible to determine with absolute certainty.

what temperature to set air conditioner in summer

A room temperature page on Wikipedia states that people consider temperatures between 75°F and 79°F to be “comfortably cool.

According to World Health Organization and other sources, a suitable indoor temperature range is between 64°F and 75°F.

Therefore, the ideal temperature to set the summer air conditioner varies quite a bit.

What Is the Best Air Conditioning Temperature Summer?

We get many inquiries about ideal house temperatures, including:

  • What temperature to set for the air conditioner in summer?
  • What setting on the thermostat should I use?
  • How hot can I fix my air conditioner before I feel uncomfortable?
  • How cold should my home be if the outside temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit?
  • What is the best temp for ac in summer?

How Do I Slash My Electric Bill While Keeping My Home Cool?

Set your thermostat in various settings throughout the day to reduce your electricity usage as much as possible while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. Consider these considerations when choosing what settings to use for your air conditioner in the summer.

How High is the Outdoor Temperature?

Think about the typical outside temperature when choosing the setting for your thermostat. Your HVAC system will consume less energy and less of a temperature differential between the inside and outdoor environments. Therefore, the less energy your HVAC system consumes will reduce your power cost.

What Temperature To Set Air Conditioner When Away In Summer?

Different people are more or less comfortable at specific temperatures. Therefore, the “optimal” temperature setting will vary depending on several variables. For example, unless your home is freezing, you shouldn’t need to wear blankets indoors, nor should you wear sweaters or long pants.

Finding your optimal temperature range is the first step because everyone has a distinct preference. Consider starting at a lower temperature—say, 70 degrees Fahrenheit—and seeing how you feel. Then adjust the temperature upward, tell by one degree. As soon as you feel uncomfortable, raise the temperature by one degree every time.

What temperature to set air conditioner in summer? If you felt uncomfortable at 83 degrees Fahrenheit after reaching 82 degrees, then 82 degrees is an appropriate temperature setting.

But watch out for the sweating element. Avoid lowering the thermostat when exercising at home or returning from an exercise session since you’ll find the house too cold.

Most individuals feel warm and perspiring while they exercise. The temptation is to work out in a cooler environment to produce less sweat. However, you could over-reduce the temperature in your house because you feel overheated. Remember that sweating when exercising is natural and happens to people even in the coldest climates throughout the winter.

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