Some Reasons Why Dehumidifier Running but Not Collecting Water

You have a dehumidifier at home, but it puzzles you when your dehumidifier is running but not collecting water. You know that the machine is extremely helpful, especially when you live in a humid area. Not only it improve breathability, but it can also help keep the air within the room clean and free from allergens.

The machine would remove excess moisture from the air, so it’s only logical when collecting water. So, when you run the machine yet don’t see it collect water, you start wondering whether it’s functioning well or experiencing damage.

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How the Dehumidifier Works

In simple terms, the dehumidifier’s primary function, aided by a fan motor, is to extract moisture from humid and dense air and then effectively ‘squeeze’ this moisture out. It uses coils to cool down the air, facilitating water collection.

This is especially true for desiccant dehumidifiers, which absorb moisture using a desiccant material.

dehumidifier running but not collecting water

In the simplest words, the dehumidifier’s main function is to collect moisture from the humid and dense air (there is a specific and certain fan to do the work) and then ‘squeeze’ the moisture effectively out of the air. It would use coils to cool it down.

Afterward, the coils should drop the moisture into a tank within the dehumidifier. Such a design is created so that the tank can contain the water.

Will a Dehumidifier Always Collect Water?

Whether a dehumidifier collects water depends on its type. Not all dehumidifiers are the same; for instance, condensation-type dehumidifiers collect water as they cool air, while desiccant dehumidifiers don’t have water collection tanks. If your dehumidifier isn’t collecting water, it might be due to the specific type you’re using.

A condensation humidifier it would collect water only when the level of humidity is higher than the one set within the dehumidifier. The machine will stop working if the room’s humidity level has reached the desired level.

Moreover, let’s not forget about the humidity level. When the humidity is high, there is a lot of moisture in the air, which can be ‘collected’ and stored within the tank. However, if the level somewhat drops or it isn’t as high as usual, there is always a possibility that the machine won’t be able to collect the moisture.

So, when your dehumidifier is running but not collecting water, you should also check the room’s humidity level. If there is no moisture to collect, then naturally, no water won’t be present.

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Normal Running Time

How long should a dehumidifier run typically and adequately? Keep in mind that it shouldn’t run non-stop. The machine should run from 8 hours a day to 12 hours, max. However, if the machine can perform well and you can get the desired humidity level, it may only need to run for several hours – not up to 12 12-hour window. If you want your machine to perform well and last for a longer time, it shouldn’t operate 24/7.

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Humidifier Running but No Water Possible Scenarios

Some possible issues are related to your machine not collecting water. You may want to check on them before calling a pro.

  • Stuck Float Switch

This component would prevent the machine from overflowing; spilling water. When the water has reached a certain level within the collection tank, it activates the float switch. The float switch will trigger another series of actions that will turn the dehumidifier off.

However, when the switch is stuck, the machine thinks the water level is full, so your machine will refuse to work correctly. You need to check the collection tank and find the switch assembly.

  • Full Water Tank

When the water tank is full, the machine won’t work because it can ‘detect’ that the collection tank won’t accommodate more. Check whether it’s full or not. It’s also a good idea to schedule water tank emptying if it hasn’t been done.

Final Words

Suppose you are completely clueless about the machine and are too afraid to do anything with it (inspect it, do something with it, etc.). In that case, it’s always better to hire an experienced professional. Your dehumidifier running but not collecting water doesn’t always mean it’s broken if you know what to do with it.

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