What Causes Air Conditioner Humming Inside?

If you have to answer this question ‘what is one great invention for hot days?’, what answer will you give? Most people probably will answer the air conditioner. It is hard to believe this appliance will turn hot air to whatever temperature you like.

Even if you have a fan, the air conditioner seems better since you can set the temperature. However, the worst summer nightmare comes if your AC starts to make a problem, for instance, your air conditioner humming inside. What could be the problem?

Air Conditioner Humming Inside House

You are wondering why your air conditioner hums? Although it is common to hear humming sounds from an air conditioner, an air conditioner humming inside means something inside is off. Well, let’s take it as a grumble – your AC wants to complain about something.

Air Conditioner Humming Inside

Most of the time, the humming sound of an AC indicates a not severe problem. However, if this is caused by a simple problem yet neglected for a long time, that ripple may cause a tsunami to exaggerate. It means that it may create a bigger problem if you ignore it.

One possible problem is that there are no loosened parts. Refrigerating pipes can also make a humming sound.

Electrical problems too may lead to humming air conditioner.

Check for more explanations below:

Frozen evaporator coil

This can be a problem for you since it creates a humming sound. To fix this, you may do two tricks:

  1. Turn the fan to ‘fan only’ mode. This trick will enable the warm air to flow over these coils and to fasten the melting; or
  2. Turn off the AC completely and let the ice melts. Be ready with containers if the melted ice starts to drip.

Blower stops working

If your AC’s blower motor unit is out of order yet is still getting electrical power, this may also produce a humming noise.

Breaker panel

If the AC produces something like a buzzing sound, chances could be its electrical panel is faulty. It may come as a result of overloading problems, yet it has not tripped yet. Since this condition is dangerous, you are supposed to call a pro. Dismiss any electricity supply powering up the AC first.

Loosened components

If the electrical connections or the wiring loosened, a humming sound becomes the indicator; a split AC indoor unit makes a noise like humming or buzzing. Some think this isn’t a great deal, but if neglected, the chance of fire may catch you up.

Immediate checking by its pro should be scheduled soon. For the time being, it’s best to turn off the machine thoroughly.

Air Conditioner Humming Inside When Off

What if the air conditioner makes noise when off? Such a thing may happen due to the AC working mechanism. First, due to the room’s higher heat, the refrigerant contacts the room air and boils. This boiled refrigerant flow to the area where it has lower pressure. That area is called a condenser.

Once it reaches there, the condenser condenses the air and is reflowed again to the room’s coils. That is how you get the cool air according to your desire. Then where does the humming sound come from?

Just like water being boiled, the boiling refrigerant also creates such sound. Even after the AC is turned off, this boiling process does not make swift away easily – as the remaining heat is still there. After turning off the stove, you will also notice this process: The water keeps boiling for some time.

Although it is common to hear such a sound, it may indicate something is off if this continues for a long time after turning off the AC. Therefore, a serviceman call should be done once you hear this air conditioner humming inside sound.

If you are uncertain what to do when your air conditioner is humming inside, it is never wrong to ask for professional help. That will be more reassuring compared to fixing it yourself without understanding the actual know-how.

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