Does Freon Leak When AC is Off?

Freon, or refrigerant, is a gas used in air conditioner units to cool the room. If the freon leaks, it will lead to certain conditions that make the AC work improperly. So, does freon leak when AC is off? To answer that, you could read these explanations.

This information will help you understand the components of your air conditioner. Therefore, if there is some trouble happening to it, you can take the right step to fix it.

Does Freon Leak When AC is Off?

When there is a freon leak on an air conditioner, you can still definitely use the AC for your home. But, it will affect your electricity and your safety.

First, running an air conditioner with a leak could make you spend lots of money on repairing or purchasing. And yes, it could make the air conditioner go off because of the system breakdown.

does freon leak when ac is off

Some things could be a sign of a freon leak. Therefore, you could prevent any damage to the people in the household. Here are the symptoms:

  1. The AC is Making Hissing Noises

The sign of a freon leak in your household is the hissing sounds coming out of the unit. It is usually followed by gurgling and the freon leak smell. 

  1. There is Warm Air Coming Out of the AC

Check the vent of the unit. If there is warm air coming out of it, it is certain that the air conditioner’s freon is leaking.

  1. The AC Takes Longer to Cool Down

There are certain times when the AC will cool the place. If it takes longer than it used to be, it could signify that the freon is leaking.

  1. Evaporator Coils is Frozen

Freon leakage will lead to a low freon level. If it happens, then the evaporator coil cannot absorb the heat as it is supposed to. This will make the coils chill up and freeze.

  1. Electricity Bill Increase

When the freon is leaking, the air conditioner will need a lot of electrical energy to work on cooling the household. Therefore, it will increase the electricity use, and you will need to pay a much higher bill than before.

What Causes Air Conditioner Freon Leaks?

After answering the question “does freon leak when AC is off”, we will explain what causes the leakage on the components. These are some reasons that will be the source of the problem with your air conditioner at home. Check it out:

  1. The freon leak can be caused by normal wear and tear on an old air conditioner unit. In the years of using the AC, the components will start to wear down. Then, the leak will naturally happen.
  2. Improper installation: The incorrect installation of the unit could cause leakage. It is due to the incorrect part fitting that makes the gas leak to the outside.
  3. Corrosion, the components are mostly made of metal. Therefore, it can undergo a corrosion process that may cause the leaking of the freon.

Is a Freon Leak in Your Home Dangerous?

A freon AC leak at home is quite dangerous for your health. Since it is a hazardous gas that is used for components. But, no need to worry too much. The effects on your body are not that great. Especially if the leak can be caught immediately.

The freon leak can make your skin get mild burns. It can also cause symptoms like dizziness, headache, coughing, and respiratory system irritation.

The effects will not be fatal because air ventilation will remove the gas, preventing any serious health problems. However, if you discover a leak in the AC, the best thing to do is have it professionally repaired.


If the answer to the question of “does freon leak when AC is off” is yes, then there is one thing you could do. You could always fix it at the service center or with a professional. A leak on the air conditioner that has been there for a long time will not give you any benefit. The longer you wait, the more disadvantages you will accrue from it. Call a professional now!

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