What Possibly Makes Your LG Portable Air Conditioner Compressor Keeps Shutting Off

After activating your portable air conditioner, you’d want the machine to have a smooth, uninterrupted operation. However, sometimes your AC may keep switching off once in a short while—a condition referred to as short cycling. Learn about various potential reasons why your LG portable air conditioner compressor keeps shutting off below.

Why does Portable Air Conditioner Shuts Off Every Few Minutes?

An air conditioning unit should remain in operation for a minimum of 10-15 minutes after it is activated, sometimes longer for some models. If your portable AC machine continues shutting down before an ideal temperature is reached, there’s a big chance that it experienced short-cycling, which is a common term for a unit that keeps turning itself off and on.

This situation is annoying, but it may cost you a higher number on your electric bills. Read about the likely conditions that cause this issue in the following:

  • A Faulty Compressor

The possible reason your portable AC compressor turns on and off frequently is the compressor itself, which works on the refrigerant cycle of the unit. It produces the pressurized condition to absorb refrigerant and dissipate heat energy to cool down the space.

This component can be covered by dust and debris, thus being damaged. It’s also possible to suffer from overheating or is worn out.

lg portable air conditioner compressor keeps shutting off

If the evaporator coils were frozen due to the wrong settings on the thermostat, it could make the compressor unit work harder to cool the room. The faulty compressor was also causing a decrease in cooling capacity, so the technician cleaned the coils with a soft brush to restore the proper cooling cycle.

  • Low Refrigerant Level

The next potential reason why an air compressor keeps shutting off is the refrigerant. An AC unit’s refrigerant should remain at a certain level for the air conditioning system to work as it is supposed to. If the level drops down, the cooling performance will be interrupted, resulting in a short cycling problem.

  • Frozen Coils

A component called the evaporated coil within the AC unit works to draw warm air from the room to cool down the temperature. If this part experiences an airflow issue, it may build up frosts that can cause short cycling.

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  • Dirty Filter

The airflow of your portable AC unit may become restricted if the filter is dirty. When the airflow rate drops, the compressor works harder to compensate for the loss. This leads to an overheated system that may cause the system to turn off before completing a cycle. If this problem is overlooked for a long time, it may cause permanent damage to the AC compressor.

  • Incorrect Settings

Before diagnosing any possible issue with your portable air conditioning unit, it’d be a great idea to check the system’s control panel. Ensure that it is set into the right setting that doesn’t cause the machine to keep turning on and off. One common issue is an activated timer that should be disabled because it may cause the system to turn off after a certain time.

  • Electrical Wiring or Electronic Components Issues

If you have any basics in electronic components and wiring, try examining the AC unit if it has problems with the wiring. For example, loose connectors can result in intermittent shutting off and on. You should also check the capacitor responsible for providing continuous power to the unit’s compressor. A faulty capacitor can be detected by bulging parts on its top.

The short cycling condition that causes your LG portable air conditioner compressor keeps shutting off must be addressed and resolved as soon as possible.

If the problem is not as simple as you can handle, try contacting an AC repair technician who can help you with the situation. A repair can help to save your utility bill and prevent the issues from escalating in the future.

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