Why Does My Air Conditioner Keeps Freezing Up?

This frequent use of the air conditioner keeps freezing up outside the unit. It may seem strange because the air conditioner that cools the room or inside the house freezes.

You might think this condition is a sign that the air conditioner is broken and needs replacing, but it’s not always true. Some simple maintenance can solve the problem without needing to repair the air conditioner. It may even be necessary to adjust the controls on the tool.

Why Does My Air Conditioner Keep Freezing Up?

  1. Poor Airflow

The air conditioner relies on unrestricted airflow through the coils to work correctly. Suppose dust, dirt, or other obstructions accumulate on the coils. In that case, the refrigerant cooled in the coils cannot absorb heat properly from the room and vice versa.

air conditioner keeps freezing up

As a result, the air conditioner absorbs the moisture in the coils, causing the air conditioner to freeze.

Be sure to clean the filter on the front of the unit. The filter helps keep the coil clean. Check the filter and clean it monthly during winter.

Finally, air conditioning can obstruct if furniture or curtains block the ventilation in the air conditioner. Make sure air can flow in and out freely from the air conditioner.

  1. The Drain System Is Not Working Correctly

The indoor evaporator coil process absorbs heat, causing water vapor to condense onto the coils.

The air conditioner has a capture pan and a drainage tube that allows this moisture to flow out of the house.

However, suppose this exhaust system becomes clogged. In that case, excess moisture can collect in the coils, and the air conditioner keeps freezing up when heat is removed.

If the air conditioner does not drip a little water outside when it is fully operational, check to ensure the drainage tube is not clogged.

  1. AC Is Too Big

The size of the AC can also be the cause of the AC freezing. Ice buildup can occur if the air conditioner is too large for the room it is installed in.

Air conditioners that are too extensive experience short cycles and cause the air conditioner to turn on and off frequently.

It prevents proper air circulation, which usually makes the air humid, condenses on the cooling coils, and freezes the air conditioner.

  1. The Outdoor Temperature Is Too Low.

The AC keeps freezing because it is not set up or set to work when the outdoor air is below 16 degrees Celsius. Running the air conditioner when the outside temperature is too cold or low can cause the refrigerant to become cold. It can freeze the moisture in the room air before it can even circulate through the coils.

If you want to cool your house when the outdoor temperature is moderate, sometimes it’s better to open the windows than turn on the air conditioner.

  1. Compressor Problems

Lastly, the cause of the air conditioner keeps freezing up during operation is a compressor problem.

Inefficient compressors and not pumping refrigerant properly make it impossible to cool the coils to turn off the cold control on the appliance.

Simple And Quick Fix For AC Freezing Up

  1. Switch To Fan Mode After Turning Off Your Air Conditioner

As heated air from your house circulates through the system, this will allow your air conditioner time to cool off. After waiting for three to four hours, you can restart your AC unit. When you restart your air conditioner, the air conditioner keeps freezing. Please turn it off right away and call Pro-Tech for air conditioning repair.

  1. Examine Your Air Filter For Dirt

Your HVAC system can suffer significant harm from clogged air filters, which can also cause your air conditioner to freeze. If your filter seems to be dusty, check it and replace it. In most cases, the leading cause of decreased airflow is a blocked filter.

  1. Look For Any Blocked Or Closed Supply Or Return Vents

The vents that circulate cold air within your home are called supply vents. Any closed supply vent might prevent air from passing through your air conditioner and interfere with the heat exchange process. To defrost them, AC keeps freezing at the coil. It is thus best if you open all the vents, even in empty rooms. The flow of warm air over the evaporator coils will be increased by doing the same with the return vents.

Wrapping Up

Due to the causes above, your air conditioner needs professional maintenance if the air conditioner keeps freezing up. Whatever you do, do not let ice buildup on the refrigerant coils cause your system to continue operating. If the issue persists after trying the advice in this article, get assistance.

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