Why Your Air Conditioner Compressor Won’t Start and What You Should Do to Fix It

A malfunctioning AC is the last thing you want to happen during a heated summer day. However, it is something that totally can occur to you at some points. If your air conditioner compressor won’t start even though the fan is running just fine, there are some potential culprits.

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Window AC Compressor Not Working but Fan Is Running

Have you ever encountered a situation where you turn on your air conditioning and find out that the fan is running while the compression isn’t? Here is a list of possible reasons behind this occurrence:

air conditioner compressor wont start

Dirty AC coils and filters

If dirt and debris find a way to build up in the condenser coil, evaporators, or filters of your air conditioner, the whole unit can crash. The dirty air filter’s cause a clogged situation where the airflow is reduced dramatically, resulting in a dysfunctional evaporator coil. This condition causes pressure on the compressor and overheating.

At best, the compressor may cease working automatically before experiencing damage. Else, it may suffer from constant overheating that can lead to a need for replacing the compressor. Clear the supply vents, change the air filters, and wash the coils to allow fresh and clean air to flow smoothly.

Capacitor and relay system issue issues

These components are essential to flow the electricity to the compressor, so no wonder when the compressor has an issue. They are amongst the first ones you have to check. Power is supplied from the capacitor to activate the compressor, outer fan, and blower motor through the capacitors.

One of the certain indicators of this particular problem is the audible humming sounds produced by the unit because the compressor struggles to access a malfunctioning capacitor.

Broken compressor

This issue can result from minor problems such as overheating air conditioning or a defective capacitor. The only way to fix a dead compressor is by replacing it, which is highly recommended by a professional.

No power supply

If you find the air conditioner compressor won’t start with a running fan but is bogged down the compressor, there’s a chance that the outside AC unit is not supplied with power. The central unit is not affected, thus why the fan can run. You need to check the connecting wire between two units and see if the circuit breaker is tripped or the fuse is blown.

Other possible reasons of your ac compressor hums but won’t start issue besides the ones mentioned in the list above are an aging unit, incompatibility between the air conditioning’s indoor and outdoor units, or a broken thermostat.

Split AC Compressor Not Turning On

So, how do you fix it after you have learned about the potential causes behind an AC compressor that won’t turn off? The first and foremost solution is to examine the power and wire of the unit, especially the ones connected to the outlet.

You also need to run the standard maintenance that involves cleaning the unit. To do this, ensure that the unit is properly shut down. Check the register or filter if they’ve been clogged, which may disturb the airflow.

Whether it is indeed the source of the current problem that your air conditioning unit is going through, maintaining the cleanliness of this area must be included as a part of regular maintenance.

In most scenarios, minor problems are solvable with a quick DIY fix. However, there might be times when you require help from an AC technician. A professional technician will be able to examine the unit in details and perform needed repair steps if air conditioner compressor won’t start as necessary, whether it is only to replace small parts or recommend you to replace the whole unit.

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