Why Your Air Conditioner Sounds Like a Jet Engine

While it is true that an air conditioning unit does make a sound when operating, the noise should be low enough that you don’t notice it. However, what if suddenly the air conditioner sounds like a jet engine or creates other easily audible noises such as humming or clucking sounds? it’s a sign of a problem with your air conditioner.

Should you worry about this problem? Find out the answer in the following.

Why Does My AC Sound Like A Jet Engine?

Modern air conditioners are designed to create as low noise as possible—and it is something that you want to ensure is unchanged. In general, the standard of typical sound made by the units is below 55 dBA. Any louder or sudden strange noise should receive further attention.

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air conditioner sounds like a jet engine

Noticing an exceptionally intense volume of noise is easy, but how do you know if any sound produced by the AC is not typical? Here is a list of several normal air conditioner sounds to help you differentiate between the typical and untypical ones:

  • Clicking when starting: It is normal for the AC unit to make a sort of clicking sound that some people describe as the low-volume version of an airplane taking off sound when it is kicking on.
  • Smooth-blowing: It is expected for any air conditioning unit to make a muffled sound due to the cold air being blown out. It should be easily blended into the background.
  • Clicking when turned off: An AC unit may create low-key clicking noise for a few seconds that sounds different from the ones when it starts off. It just means that the system is getting ready to rest.

Even though it is normal for an air conditioning unit to make some noise, the volume level shouldn’t be deafening. If you notice that your AC sounds like a jet engine, it may be a strong indication of a problem with your air conditioner. This could mean that a part within the system is malfunctioning or needs replacement.

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So, what does it mean when your air conditioner makes noises that resemble a jet engine? It may indicate some mechanical issues, most likely with the blower component or the outdoor parts. Below are some of the potential culprits behind:

  • Malfunctioning condenser fan: A jet engine or buzzing noises are actually common problems of an AC unit if the motor of its exterior condenser fan experiences defective in some ways. It may signify electrical trouble or accumulated debris.
  • Broken compressor: The alarming sound produced by an air conditioning unit may be caused by mechanical or electrical issues as a result of a faulty compressor. This issue may be due to another issue like inaccurate amperage delivery.
  • Frosted evaporator coils: In the interior central part of an AC where the coils are located, it is possible for ice to accumulate and cause a frozen situation. This problem is likely to be caused by leakage in the refrigerant due to insufficient air circulation, a damaged expansion valve, or faulty refrigerant piping.

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Other than the potential causes listed above, a jet sound created by an air conditioning system may be caused by loose components, an impaired fan belt, or a defective blower fan engine. For example, unsecured components can come in the form of unfastened fan blades.

If you notice unusual sounds, rattling sounds, and hissing sounds coming from the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system, you should investigate it. Upon inspection, you may discover a malfunctioning fan motor, a refrigerant leak, and a dirty condenser coil that needs cleaning.

In some cases, a noisy air conditioner could be a simple fix, like tightening loose components or cleaning a dirty filter. However, it’s essential not to overlook these sounds as they can escalate into more severe issues.

Never ignore a situation where your air conditioning unit produces unfamiliar sounds, even if it seems minor. It may lead to a bigger problem that requires you to put out high costs if it’s overlooked. If your air conditioner sounds like a jet engine, it may suggest the requirement of a simple tune-up to a need to replace the whole unit.

Remember, the sooner you address the problem with your air conditioner, the less likely you are to face a complete system breakdown.

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