The Air Conditioner Buzzing When Off May Indicate Serious Issues, Here’s Why!

Do you ever come to a situation where your air conditioner buzzing when off? You should pay attention when you hear the unit makes louder noises in a few minutes even though it’s off.

Air Conditioner Makes Buzzing Noise When Off

When this happens, likely, your air conditioning unit is not functioning correctly.

Besides, the air conditioning unit nowadays is made to be calm to give you the best experience of deep sleep. So, if you got the newest and most updated unit, the noises you notice must be a sign of a damaged system.

Most technicians found this issue is due to a damaged indoor or outdoor unit. Whether it be a loose part or faulty compressor system, typically, this results from the blocked air filter from low maintenance in cleaning the unit.

Window Air Conditioner Buzzing When Off

As the air conditioner does, window air conditioner can make some buzzing noises although it’s off. Some may experience them like it’s trying to turn the unit on. In this case, the sound comes from the compressor that is failed to function correctly. The best solution for this is scheduled regular maintenance.

air conditioner buzzing when off

But worry not, we will help you understand why your air conditioner is buzzing but not running. Other than that, you will also get a list of how you can fix it. Let’s take a look!

Why is This Happened?

Certain noises from your air conditioner sometimes pop when operating normally. However, you could be experiencing some distractions if the buzzing noise gets louder. These are a  few reasons why your air conditioner buzzing when off:

  1. Your Compressor is Not Well-Functioned

A humming air conditioner means your electrical voltage could be at low amperage when flowing to the unit. As results, the unit fails in producing the cooling air. It’s caused by the unsupported electrical supplies for the air conditioner to operate. Usually, this electrical issue will be indicated by the buzzing noises.

  1. Loose Elements

An air conditioning unit is made of some moving elements that are supposed to sync with each other perfectly. Nevertheless, the components will become loose as the unit is used continuously. The system suffers from unbalanced elements which cause bad noises. Same as the above, this issue is significantly detectable in the buzzing noises.

  1. Frozen Unit Outside

Over time, your air conditioner will be frozen as the layers of ducts block away from the air filter or even damage the evaporator coils. This situation causes the refrigerant levels fails, making it freeze. You need to turn your air conditioner off and wait until the ice melts down.

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  1. Failed Electrical Signals

When your air conditioner keeps making buzzing noise even if it’s off, this might be a sign of electrical failure. This situation causes the system to fail to switch it on, which results in continuously producing bussing noise.

You should check if any sparks goes along with the buzz. If you find any, shut down the unit and flip a switch for the whole house electrical power in off mode. This situation is hazardous, and you must call AC technicians right away.

What Can You Do to Fix The Noises?

Unfortunately, the only way to reduce the noise is to call a service professional. They know how to find the source from the air conditioner buzzing when off. Also, they know which parts to remove, repair, or even replace as they got the proper tools. It’s too dangerous for you to try some DIY hacks to fix the noises.

Once you’ve made an appointment with the professionals, you must turn your air conditioning unit off right away from the manual button. It’s best to keep the system off while you’re waiting for the technicians to come.

We have talked about the reasons behind your air conditioner buzzing when off and the solutions. But, as stated above,  none of these issues can be solved by yourself. It’s best to trust that professional AC technicians do their job alone.

Do you ever experience any of this? If so, what did you do when you found your air conditioner buzzing when off?

Share your story down below as we would like to hear!

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